Temperance Hymn

John Pierpont

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From the mountain top and valley,
See! the banner streaming high!
While the sons of freedom rally,
To the widow's lonely cry.
Sisters weeping,
Bid us to the rescue fly.

Could we hear the mother pleading,
Heaven relief would quickly send;
Can we see our country bleeding,
And refuse our aid to lend?
No! dread monster,
Here thy triumph soon shall end.

Hear the trump of Temperance sounding,
Rouse! ye freemen, why delay?
Let your voices all resounding,
Welcome in the happy day
When that tyrant
Must resign his cruel sway.

Nor again shall he molest us,
Though he has oppress'd us sore,
Nor his poisonous breath infest us--
Soon we'll drive him from our shore:
All uniting,
Shout, "the monster's reign is o'er."

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