Temperance Rally

John Pierpont

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We have entered the field, and are ready to fight,
Against the rum demon from morning till night,
The groggeries, too, we're determined to crush,
And we'll drink good cold water to nerve for the brush.
Who will go with us--will you go with us,
Will you go with us for temperance too?

We're determined to conquer or die in the fight,
For we can't bear a rum hole at all in our sight,
For they look bad--they smell bad--they are bad we know,
So come along with us, for on we will go.
Who will go with us, &c.

Now ye dealers in rum, our advice is to you,
Just drop your foul traffic, it never will do.
It is injuring us--it is ruining you,
So get yourselves out and go teetotal too.
Who will go with us, &c.

And ladies, good ladies, we ask you to night,
Just go along with us and aid in the fight--
With you on our side, this is what we will do,
We'll make all the topers to go teetotal too.
Who will go with us, &c.

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