Ha'nacker Mill

Hilaire Belloc

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Sally is gone that was so kindly,
Sally is gone from Ha'nacker Hill
And the Briar grows ever since then so blindly;
And ever since then the clapper is still...
And the sweeps have fallen from Ha'nacker Mill.

Ha'nacker Hill is in Desolation:
Ruin a-top and a field unploughed.
And Spirits that call on a fallen nation,
Spirits that loved her calling aloud,
Spirits abroad in a windy cloud.

Spirits that call and no one answers --
Ha'nacker's down and England's done.
Wind and Thistle for pipe and dancers,
And never a ploughman under the Sun:
Never a ploughman. Never a one.

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  • torriminaya510

    Oh my gosh, Ha'nacker Mill is such a beautiful and haunting poem 😢 It really captures the feeling of loss and desolation. "Ruin a-top and a field unploughed" just sends shivers down my spine, ya know? And the whole thing about spirits calling on a fallen nation... like, it's really deep and resonates with me so much. It makes you think about what we've lost and how things have changed. I love the imagery in "Wind and Thistle for pipe and dancers" too, it's just so stunning 😍 Such a moving poem! 🍂💔

    • mj_amati

      Just read a poem by Hilaire Belloc and it honestly made me feel kinda sad. The whole thing about Sally being gone and the mill in ruins really hit me. Ugh, it's so powerful and moving.