The Ascensions of Words

Nichita Stanescu

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Thus, like the skin
of a shorn ewe, the day rises.

It is difficult to skin the self from a stone.
It is difficult to skin memory from a Greek.

But why should we talk about these!
After all,
light too has a skin,
light too can be skinned...
light too is guilty of being.

A gust of fresh air
comes with the millennium.
We are beautiful;
why should we not be beautiful?

We eat one another
only from hunger,
from adoration,
from structure,
from love.
It doesn't matter.
We are what we are,
that is, beautiful.

I carry my ever still blood
in my heart.
I carry my ever salt tear
in my eye.

I carry the angel in the middle of heaven.

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  • ashli6892357395

    Just finished The Ascensions of Words. It really stucks th attention to detail, painting such abstract concept into something so tangible. The lines that caught me the most were "We are beautiful; why should we not be beautiful?" speak volumes about human nature and vanity. They Dymanic emotions painted in a simple poem was amazingly breathhaking. Even though it is a quite abstract and sometimes hard to decode, it leaves a profound impact on the soul. The essence of life and existentialism is beautifully captured in this simple Verses.