To The Right Honourable The Lady Penelope Dowager...

William Strode

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Great Lady,

Humble partners of like griefe
In bringing Comfort may deserve beliefe,
Because they Feele and Feyne not: Thus we say
Unto Ourselves, Lord Bayning, though away,
Is still of Christ-Church; somewhat out of sight,
As when he travel'd, or did bid good night,
And was not seen long after; now he stands
Remov'd in Worlds, as heretofore in Lands;
But is not lost. The spight of Death can never
Divide the Christian, though the Man it sever.

The like we say to You: He's still at home,
Though out of reach; as in some upper roome,
Or Study: for his Place is very high,
His Thought is Vision; now most properly
Return'd he's Yours as sure, as e're hath been
The jewell in Your Cask, safe though unseen.

You know that Friends have Eares as well as Eyes,
We heare Hee's well and Living, that well dies.

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