Face Of Pheasant

Cemal Sureya

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Face of pheasant is an atmospheric event
I've learnt this from the hunter-columnist of Luck
Wild ducks beat wings on water
By turns to prevent the frost.

And here is your Besiktas with its large buoy,
Throwing an intricate century back;
My God, did you create this long Anatolia In your childhood days!

I and the scenarist lady are sitting on the same bench
I wish I would have loved you just for this.

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  • emilfullerton

    Wow, this poem really got me thinking. Love that it makes me visualize such vivid images and connects different aspects of life in quite an interesting way. Also, the bit of sentimentality at the end is charming 🥰 Small errors here or there don't take away from the heartfelt message. Truly a nice read! 👏👏