The Battle Of Argoed Llwyfain


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There was a great battle Saturday morning
From when the sun rose until it grew dark.
The fourfold hosts of Fflamddwyn invaded,
Goddau and Rheged gathered in arms,
Summoned from Argoed as far as Arfynydd --
They might not delay by as much as a day. With a great blustering din, Fflamddwyn shouted,
'Have these hostages come? Are they ready?'
To him then Owain, scourge of the eastlands,
'They've not come, no! they're not, nor shall they be ready.'
And a whelp of Coel would indeed be afflicted
Did he have to give any man as a hostage! And Urien, lord of Erechwydd, shouted,
'If they would meet us now for a treaty,
High on the hilltop let's raise our ramparts,
Carry our faces over the shield rims,
Raise up your spears, men, over our heads,
And set upon Fflamddwyn in the midst of his hosts
And slaughter him, ay, and all that go with him!' There was many a corpse beside Argoed Llwyfain;
From warriors ravens grew red
And with their leader a host attacked.

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  • bradydouglas

    Just finished reading The Battle Of Argoed Llwyfain. It's filled with raw combat and intense action. However, I'm a bit confused about Fflamddwyn's character. Can anyone shed more light on his role in this poem? His persona seems quite dominating.