A.S.J. Tessimond

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"Why can't you say what you mean straight out in prose?"
Well, say it yourself: then say "It's that, but more,
Or less perhaps, or not that way, or not
That after all." The meaning of a song
Might be an undernote; this tree might mean
That leaf as much as trunk, branch, other leaves.
And does one know till one begins? And let's
Look over hedges far as eyesight lets us,
Since road's not, surely, road, but road and hedge
And feet and sky and smell of hawthorn, horse-dung.

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  • cpr51

    Just read this piece for my English assignment. Really resonates with how the 'meaning of a song might be an undernote.' Beauty seems to be in the little details <3

    • mattiehuddleston

      "The meaning of a song might be an undernote" - love how these words subtly hint at underappreciated perspectives.