Let the Light Enter

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

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"The dying words of Goethe."

"Light! more light! the shadows deepen,
And my life is ebbing low,
Throw the windows widely open:
Light! more light! before I go.

"Softly let the balmy sunshine
Play around my dying bed,
E'er the dimly lighted valley
I with lonely feet must tread.

"Light! more light! for Death is weaving
Shadows 'round my waning sight,
And I fain would gaze upon him
Through a stream of earthly light."

Not for greater gifts of genius;
Not for thoughts more grandly bright,
All the dying poet whispers
Is a prayer for light, more light.

Heeds he not the gathered laurels,
Fading slowly from his sight;
All the poet's aspirations
Centre in that prayer for light.

Gracious Saviour, when life's day-dreams
Melt and vanish from the sight,
May our dim and longing vision
Then be blessed with light, more light.

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  • b.jahnaya

    Really moved by this poem, it speaks so deeply about human life, aspiration, and the journey towards the end. Its filled with the genuine pursuit of light, metaphorically and literally. It kind of sets me thinking about my own life, and how much I cherish light, love, god and all that stuff. Seriously, it's food for thoughts guys!

    • alyssa1622

      Frances Ellen Watkins Harper's stuff is deep 🤯. Read it in grade school too.