Isaac Watts

Hymn 15-

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Our Lord Jesus at his own table

[The memory of our dying Lord
Awakes a thankful tongue:
How rich he spread his royal board,
And blessed the food, and sung!

Happy the men that eat this bread;
But doubly blest was he
That gently bowed his loving head,
And leaned it, Lord, on thee.

By faith the same delights we taste
As that great favorite did;
And sit and lean on Jesus' breast,
And take the heav'nly bread.]

Down from the palace of the skies,
Hither the King descends:
"Come, my beloved, eat," he cries;
"And drink salvation, friends.

["My flesh is food and physic too,
A balm for all your pains;
And the red streams of pardon flow
From these my pierced veins."]

Hosannah to his bounteous love
For such a taste below!
And yet he feeds his saints above
With nobler blessings too.

[Come the dear day, the glorious hour,
That brings our souls to rest!
Then we shall need these types no more,
But dwell at th' heav'nly feast.]

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