James Edwin Campbell

Serenade Song

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Hist, Dolores, I am coming,
Gently my guitar I'm thrumming,
'Neath thy casement softly humming,
Dolores, O, carissima!
All the world but me is sleeping,
Nothing but the stars is peeping,
Up to thee my soul is leaping,
Dolores, O, carissima!

Rise, and wide thy shutter flinging,
List, O list, my soul is singing,
All my soul to love's time swinging,
Dolores, O, carissima!
Outward from thy casement leaning,
Turn thine eyes upon me beaming,
Twin stars thro' the darkness gleaming,
Dolores, O, carissima!

Nightly 'neath thy casement singing,
All my soul with passion ringing,
Up to thee my soul I'm flinging,
Dolores, O, carissima!
Thro' the summer's roses hoping,
Thro' the autumn's dead leaves groping,
Where the vine's dead leaves are dropping,
Dolores, O, carissima!

Still, my love, O still thou'rt sleeping,
While my soul for thee is weeping,
While Love's hand the strings is sweeping,
Dolores, O, carissima!
When, O, when, this long sleep breaking,
Will thy love, to life awaking,
On thy lips my kisses taking,
Know thy lover, me, Francisco?

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