Sir Walter de la Mare

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As I mused by the hearthside,
Puss said to me;
"there burns the fire , man,
and here sit we.

Four walls around us
against the cold air;
and the latch drawn close
to the draughty stair.

A roof o'er our heads
star-proof, moon immune,
and a wind in the chimney
to wail us a tune."

"What felicity!" miaowed he,
"where none may intrude;
just man and beast- met
in this solitude!"

"Dear God, what security,
comfort and bliss!
and to think, too what ages
have brought us to this!"

"You in your sheep's' wool coat,
buttons of bone,
and me in my fur-about
on the warm hearthstone"

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  • ingequalls

    I stumbled upon this sweet little poem today, and it really brightened up my day. It captures the simple comfort of a warm fire and the friendship between a man and his pet. It reminded me of the importance of appreciating life's small joys and cherishing the bonds we share with our furry friends. The imagery is cozy, filling my heart with warmth and gratitude. Overall, a beautiful poem!