REST ~ BEST CURE FOR STRESSED ! Collaboration Brian & Angela XOX



WE long for Rest, in a busy Life

Rest comes when we Pray

It takes away the Stress & Strife

It doesn't matter what we say !

GOD hears our voice, and send us Peace

To help us through each day.


WE long for Rest, when things go wrong

And Life turns upside down

That when I sing a Happy Song

To wipe away to wipe away my frown

The MAORIS, they all seem contented

Smiling, working round the Town !


On days when we're at our wits end

And everything goes haywire

That's when i really need a FRIEND

To reignite my FIRE !

Tomorrow I will be OK

Back singing in the CHOIR !


When you are feeling in a fluster

And everything is a mixed up cluster 

A friend with a CUPPA and  a feather duster


Rest is best, Rest is truster

Get all the REST that you can muster


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ BRIAN & ANGELA


BRIAN & I have been busy over the weekend and are

glad to be back on line. Brian is researching Coastal

Erosion and I have been to a conference on Holostic

Medicine, acupuncture etc!  We both need a REST!

We are 11,500 miles apart PHYSICALLY but we are

together SPIRITUALLY 24/7. In LIFE & LOVE all 

need to help each other to reduce STRESS I do my

best with MASSSAGE & AROMATHERAPY!  We both

love the BEATLES so HELP seemed appropriate and

we love "Fell Walking" and BRIAN always helps me

to reach the SUMMIT, AMEN!  Love to All, ANGELA XXXX   



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  • Published: July 30th, 2018 08:38
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  • orchidee

    A fine write B&A.
    Some folk got annoyed about an author, a sort of 'spiritual director'. He seemed to 'swan off' for 4 retreats a year. He understood we don't always have the time.
    Yet it was OK for him, hopping off when he pleased!
    Also he put a note on his door sometimes 'In conference with the Boss (praying now)'. Or jumped in the car and went off for a pray alone during the working day. doh!
    Again, it's OK for some. It's just not practical for us sometimes though. 'Cuckoo land' comes to mind!


      Thanks STEVE ~ Pleased you liked it ~ its good to be back ! ANGELA & I have been busy over the weekend (see note @ end of the Poem) but still 11,500 miles apart ! We decided to do a collaboration today ~ hope you enjoyed the BEATLES ! Yours B & A

    • Christina8

      Great job Brian and Angela! It's great that you have such a spiritual connection, especially because you are so far away from each other. To be cherished for sure. Not to far off in the future and you will be with each other again!! Sister Christina

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS SISTER ~ Angela here! Just woken up 7:30 Tuesday Morning, pleased you liked the Poem, Picture & Video, we love the Beatles and this video shows them @ their best. They were very big in the USA in the 60's. I am really thrilled BRIAN & DAVID are coming on 18th August we will have two weeks together! We are both under Stress at the moment, BRIAN coping with The End of Term and I'm still getting aclimatized and missing the UK heatwave! The Poem is a collaboration. All our Love ANGELA & BRIAN

      • Michael Edwards

        Brill work B&A - thankfully I'm now retired so no stresses - no courtroom dramas and defence worries - great work

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS MIKE ~ I won't be able to retire until about 2050 but it sounds wonderful ! However Lecturing in Applied Science and mucking about in Labs and on the Coast is much less stressful than being a "Legal Eagle" ! Fortunately Angela & I have always been (so far !) on the RIGHT side of the LAW ! Angela's job as a Physio & Masseuse is actually a "stress reliever" ! Pleased you enjoyed the Poem ~ Pic & Video. Yours BRIAN & ANGELA.

        • Fay Slimm.

          Such a lively and uplifting take on the subject of everyday stresses and how to keep coping - - Dear Brian and Angela your physical parting will soon come to its end but meanwhile may you both be blessed with each other's care which can give rest when stress becomes burdensome. Thanks too for this needed reminder to pray - - an excellent collab.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks FAY ~ pleased you enjoyed it and I love the Youthful Beatles an era that, alas, could not last for ever. I like collabs (especially with Angela ~ thanks Heaven for cyber space). Thanks for your comment ~ Yes, in our experience, Prayer is an important "stress buster" ! Love BRIAN & ANGELA XOX

          • Goldfinch60

            Good write, those moments of stress free relaxation can be found in may ways and can be so simple, just walking by the side of My River gives me a freedom from life's troubles.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks ANDY ~ Peace Perfect Peace in this dark World of Sin ~ The Love of Jesus whispers Peace within ! When we are together in Essex ~ Angela and I walk in a quiet place on the COAST and when we sit down and watch the tide Angela gives me an Indian Head Massage ! I still go on my own but it's ot the same and NO massage ! Angela has found a quiet place in Auckland on the coast and she longs to show it to me in August. Thanks for you comment ~ pleased you enjoyed it ~ did you enjoy the Young Beatles ? A very sad ending for JOHN ~ my fave Beatle ! Angela loves Paul ~ and he's still alive ! Every Blessing, Yours BRIAN & ANGELA

            • Blackhawkwings

              Truly so Spiritually empowering, Brian & Angela. Definitely felt empowered reading BEST CURE FOR STRESSED.

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