HE critisised the way she dressed

Far too dry her cake

He laughed at her mishaped dumplings 

Not like MUMMY used to make !

She didn't iron his shirts

She didn't darn his socks

She seemed to spend her Day & Night

Goggling at the BOX !


Of course she had her Girlie Friends

Who loved to SPEND ~ SPEND ~ SPEND

Eat at fancy eateries

It drove him round the bend ! 

All they produced were Daughter's

Four just like their Mum

Sophie ~ Sue ~ Sheila ~ Samantha

Fred longed to have a SON ! 


Then one day ~ Hip Hip Hooray 

Out popped the Oven Bun

the Nurses and the midwife shouted 

FRED !  You've got a nine pound SON !

Fred said I'll call him BIMBO

Like in the Jim Reeves song

Now FRED & SON together

Grow up the TWO as ONE ~ Amen !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ BRIAN XOX


This Poem is loosely based on my Uncle FRED

His wife was a Goddess in Bed but a harridan

in the house. After four daughters in six years

(see picture !) she wanted to shut up shop ~

but Fred sweet talked her and the result was

BIMBO the Son he had always longed for !

BIMBO BUSBY was a real MAN'S BOY and as 

soon as he could walk Fred taught him to swim

and play football !  He's my age now and married

to Glorious Gloria ~ and they have given FRED

& RUBY ~ THREE GRANDSONS ~ There is a GOD !       





  • ForeverJesus6

    I like this piece. It is humorous and at the same time, serious. There is a good story in there truly.
    Persistence is key


      VERY TRUE BROTHER ~ My Uncle Fred was very persistent and he made sure they kept on reproducing until he got him a SON ~ AMEN ~ Pleased you enjoyed it ! Did you like my cousins ? Your Brother BRIAN

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ha ha - - what a tale your wordy pen tells here Brian - - a veritable eyeful of girly shapes and topped with the uncle Fred story it gave me a whale of a smile............. great fun-piece my friend.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks FAY I always appreciate your comments. Tuesday for many people is a non~day and Friday seems a million years away. True Life Stories (with a bit if poetic licence !) are always the best. Aunt RUBY is the one on the left by the way still in good shape after 5 kids (Fred did sheath his sword !) and aged ??. Thanks for caring ~ Yours as always Cousin Brian

      • Heartwriter

        Gave my lips a lift too Brian. Missed your poetry while you were absent. Hope all is well.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks KAT ~ pleased it gave you a smile. I thought TUESDAY was a good day for a Family Smile ~ There's nowt so funny as FOLKS ! Glad to be back with my MPS Family ~ Mega Hugs ~ Brian & Angela @@@@@@@

        • orchidee

          Quite swoony this - the pics anyway! heehee.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks STEVE ~ Pleased you enjoyed the whole package ! I have lots of NUBILE Cousins ~ beautiful. Maybe I should have made it an "18" to warn you to take a heart tablet ! Every Blessing ~ Yours B & A

            • orchidee

              Nubile? Swoon! I shall have a phyllosan. It fortifies the over 40's. Dunno how though!

            • Goldfinch60

              Good fun write p, sounds like you have a wonderful family Brian and Angela will soon be part of it, enjoy to the full both of you.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Well ANDY ~ as you know extended Families are amazing and a Treasure Trove of Funny (and not so funny) Stories. U Fred & A Ruby are amazing and their Daughters (very nubile) and of course BIMBO who I love like a Brother. His initials are BBC which I think was intentional. At School he was always called TELLY ! Pleased you enjoyed my Tuesday Smile. Angela & I are both JIM REEVES fans ~ this is an early video when JIM was about my age ~ Love the informality of the setting ! Your MPS Friends ~ Brian & Angela ~ Love to your Lady !

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