Michael Edwards







In blue of day as hovering bees

sought nectar in the wild flowers foam

the stranger watched with shy reserve

and eager curiosity.


As though they’d met in other lands

where antique seas meet distant shores

she turned and smiled when first she heard

a snapping stick beneath his sole


Through sudden impulses provoked

by heady fusions essences

their eyes wore lens of empathy

unseating shadows of reserve.


They savoured tastes of honeyed words

while flutes of love played melodies

and flowered meadows danced in tune

with  spirits now entwined.









Michael Edwards © June 2018


  • dusk arising

    Eyyup lad, i'm off t'woods to snap a twig underfoot. Appen as i'm feelin lucky (wink wink).
    This is you at your best ME in classical form and metaphor.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks dusk - really appreciate your kind words - keep a snappin' those twigs!

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      So very Lovely!
      great perspective, beautiful flowers.
      Bless Day! Sir

      • Michael Edwards

        Thank you Claudelle - you are so kind.

      • Goldfinch60

        Beautiful lovelorn write. May their Spirits entwine for eternity.

        • Michael Edwards

          As ours have Andy - thanks for the comment.

        • orchidee

          That snapping of twigs might make me swoon! A fine write and pic Michael.

        • 6 more comments

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS MIKE ~ New Love is a very powerful force and it can be dangerous to those betrothed ! I fall in Love every day ~ BUT ~ My love for Angela is so powerful (despite being separated by 11,500 miles for at least a YEAR) that I never act on impulse. Also some of Angela's Best Mates work at My College ~ so BIG SISTER is watching ME ! Love PLANTERS my MUM has many which I have water to water when they are on Hols. Thanks for sharing BRIAN

        • MendedFences27

          Who knows where true love is to be found? Watching a bee-hive seems now, to be a honey of a spot. And the sweetness will remain , forever.
          Terrific poem Michael.

        • Heartwriter

          The words helped make it a favorite. Those flowers forced it so. My favorite of all flowers in a planter. Loved it.

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