Michael Edwards




Do dentists reside on cloud 7 ?

False teeth and mobility scooters

Are there charging points up there in heaven?

The answers aren’t found on computers.




  • Goldfinch60

    There is no need for any of these in heaven, including computers. See you there Michael.

    • Michael Edwards

      I am firmly of the belief that if there is a god and a heaven then entry will be based on how you conduct yourself and how you behave towards others that will determine admission and not on any beliefs that you may or may not hold which affect no one but yourself. Gosh this is too heavy for me so early in the morning.
      I am about to go off to run a free watercolour workshop this morning for the less fortunate members of our society and it's activities like this which imho are far more important in life than beliefs and non-beliefs .

      • Goldfinch60

        I too believe that the good we do when we are alive will lead us to a better life. As you will have seen from some of my poems (many of my poems) I thoroughly believe in God which is My Spirit, when I was on Iona many years ago I am thoroughly convinced that I was touched by God and I know that My Spirit is within me and always will be.
        Doing good for others will always make you a better person.
        I hope your workshop brings joy and wonder to all, I am sure that it will Michael.

      • orchidee

        Erm, I've not been there (as yet) to find out! I expect it's as Goldie says.
        Oh lol, good write and pic M.

        • Michael Edwards

          You could go on a day excursion just to get a feel of the place - if you do decide to , choose one which provides parachutes just in case of an accident - insurance is quite high or so I believe. :) :)

          • orchidee

            Well, I might go by bus. I asked someone if the No.7 bus goes to heaven. They said 'Yes'. I replied 'You sure?' They said 'Ah, sorry, it's the No. 11 bus you want. The No.7 goes to Mars!'
            I'll book a rocket then for a day trip.

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          • Claudelle DeLuna

            Very Cool!
            Let's all meet on Cloud 9!

            • Michael Edwards

              I look forward to it - err - but not yet !

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              A MAN lay down by a SEWER
              And by that SEWER died
              At the Coroners inquest
              They called it SEWERSIDE !

              Thanks for another Poeme de Morte ~ very droll
              My COMPUTER does not have a CELESTIAL KEY
              Perhaps one day it will~ a direct line to JEHOVAH !

              Yours as always BRIAN.

              • orchidee

                God's phone number - 333, as in Jeremiah 33 v.3! Type that in and see what happens!

                • Michael Edwards

                  Ah gave me a big grin - must check out my computer
                  Yours U. M.

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                • Heartwriter

                  Michael if goodness gets one there. Perhaps we will pass on a cloud and share some poems written in the sky!!!!!! Great write.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Sounds like heaven - actually it will be won't it.

                  • orchidee

                    Ma again! Thoughts of death - I'm about to sing! lol.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      I will be up there playing Trumpet Voluntary on a harp - and with you singing - will we have paradise all to ourselves Orchi?

                    • Candlewitch

                      a deep subject, Michael!

                      I saw my dentist yesterday for a cavity. it was a small one so I skipped the Novocaine... it didn't hurt!!!

                      *hugs, Cat

                      • Michael Edwards

                        I thought it was high subject lol

                        Thanks Cat

                      • Fay Slimm.

                        I am still giggling at your clever image - small is big to a palette like yours Mike - -- as for cloud numbers I favour the nine for drifting me into my own little paradise. Great stuff.

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