Discipleship Daily

Tune: Sandys

('Teach me my God and King')

Luke 8 v.23-26


If any one who will

Be Christ's disciple still

If any will pursue Him true

Let them then this thing do


Let them themselves deny

And so to Christ ally

Take up cross daily, follow Him

Truly, not fancy whim


For whosoever will

Save their life, no appeal

Shall it be, for such their life shall

Lose, that the outcome tell


But whoso for Christ's sake

Shall the sacrifice make

Who loses their life for Him, they

Shall save it at last day


For what advantage be

If one gain whole world, see

But loses self, or cast away

Misses eternal way?


  • orchidee

    I gotta pay this organist guy overtime ya know. I keeps digging him out! heehee.

  • FineB

    Thanks Orchidee,

    A beautiful poem.

    Daily discipleship with the Lord is a challenge but essential to one's spiritual development, walk and journey with the Lord and Christ.

    Keep writing

    • orchidee

      Thanks Fine. I was reading a little about Epicureanism - generally amounts to the pursuit of pleasure, and not much else. That can't be said for Christianity. Though we (and I) may forget to take up our cross sometimes!


      Thanks STEVE for a very DROLL ORGAN RECITAL ~ BUT a very apt message about discipleship. "If any MAN or WOMAN will be my Disciple ~ let them deny themselves (that's the first hard bit) take up their cross (that's the second hard bit) and follow me (is that really necessary when we have our OWN PLAN mapped out ?) Who would choose to be a disciple ? JUDAS committed suicide and most of the other 11 were martyred ~ do I have a choice ? Thanks for your daily challenge BRIAN & ANGELA

      • orchidee

        Thanks Brian. Yep, I gotta pay that guy overtime. I keeps digging him out!
        Some talks/sermons say 'Be prepared to live for - and then some add - and die for, Christ each day'. We may say 'Gulp!'
        There are 'little deaths, I think, such as in self-denying acts. Some (a few? many?) may be called upon to physically die for the faith.
        Also, there's some nonsense spoken about what actually is our cross, e.g. 'We've all got our cross to bear' that they relate to trivial things. And some crosses can be of our own making.
        Does it sound any 'nicer' wrapped in a melodious tune?

      • Goldfinch60

        The eternal way is there for us all Orchi.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Gold. Arrgghhh, I mean 'Arghh' not for myself, but for everyone else - I'll be singing eternally! heehee. It'll be all right on the night, or on the day, though!

        • Claudelle DeLuna

          Beautiful! Orchidee
          especially for the introspection that it truly requires to be a disciple.
          Got to keep on working daily!
          Embracing the shadow and moving on, not as true disciples or martyrs but as imperfect Humans we will find our salvation.

          • orchidee

            Thanks Claudelle. I'm off to pay that organist guy in the clip now. He's been playing that tune all day. Must be sick of it by now! lol.

            • Claudelle DeLuna

              Pay him well.
              So that we can listen
              Again tomorrow.
              And you please bring another beautiful hymn/poem!

            • Michael Edwards

              Does he get double bubble on Sundays?

              • orchidee

                Well, it may be as the Jews. They gathered two days worth of manna (bread-like food provided from heaven) before their 'Sunday' (Sabbath), so that they did not have to 'work' on the Sabbath day. So I'll pay him double on Saturday, to cover the weekend.

                • Michael Edwards

                  You're a good old stick Orchi.

                • w c

                  Such inspiration. You have reached me and give me assurance that He made the ultimate sacrifice for me, a pitiful sinner.

                  • orchidee

                    Thanks w c. Yes, he is a propiti-wotsit (that long word!) for all of us.

                  • Gary Edward Geraci

                    Right on target Orchidee and a clarion call - your poem indeed - that knows no epoch or season.

                    • orchidee

                      Thanks Gary.

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