THE  most amazing Natural Form  

In all the World  as I recall

Is not a Hill a Rock or Rill ~ its

A Cascading WATERFALL !


SPRINGS  spring up in Mountains

Flow as Streams and form as Lakes

The Lake o'erflows and the water goes

Down the rocks ~ a WATERFALL it makes !


Every one is different ~ some very large

And some are just a TRICKLE

Some freely flow ~ make quite a show

Others thick as TREACLE !


Their BEAUTY lies ~ in their SURPRISE

You'll find one hidden round a bend

It tumbles down with a gurgling sound

With no BEGINNING and no END !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


I love Waterfalls ~ always have & always will !  We don't

have many big falls in the UK ~ so WATERFALL CLIMBING

is popular ~ UP & DOWN ! When you launch off like Tarzan

down a Waterfall you have to be sure the pool underneath

is deep enough so you don't wreck your Wedding Tackle

on a ROCK (painful !).  New Zealand is the home of Extreme

Sports (Bungee Jumping etc) but Angela has banished all

Waterfall Descents until after the Honeymoon ~ She wants

to be a Mummy ! So next time you see a Waterfall ~ strip

off (see picture) and embrace it ~ AWESOME ~ BRIAN XOX 



  • Michael Edwards

    Yes I too love waterfalls - even little ones over small rocks are so appealing - they are so calming and soothing - great write Brian


      THANKS YOU MICHAEL ~ i agree ! My MUM has a waterfall (which I installed) a water feature on her Garden Pond. It has a practical purpose to circulate and aerate the otherwise static pond water ! I built it high (50 inches) and it has a double cascade ! Aesthetically it looks beautiful and flows out of a rockery. There is a large (concealed) filter box between the pond and the pump. It is the sound I love when I'm meditating on a lounger with "A Golden Hen". It transports me to the babbling brooks and mini cascades of my beloved English Lake District ~ Heaven on EARTH ! Please add a STATE of your choice to my latest FUSION ~ Thanks BRIAN

    • orchidee

      Ahh, good, so you're not diving off any cliffs or waterfalls - or not yet! A fine write Brian.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        HI STEVE ~ No ~ I\'m saving myself for my Honeymoon (2020 ?) All MEN (I know) have a Death Wish. Over the last 20 Years Male friends of mine have been killed (or injured) Rock Climbing ~ Caving ~ Skiing ~ Motor Cycling ~ Canyoning ~ Sailing ~ \"Sport\" etc etc. However since being in NZ ~ ANGELA has been Bungee Jumping ~ Sailing and learning to do the HAKA and Rubbing Noses etc ~ but I have promised her is not to do anything SILLY until after our First Wedding Anniversary ~ She wants to be MUMMY ! Thanks for visiting BROTHER BRIAN ! Please add a STATE to my FUSION ~ Thanks B !

      • Heartwriter

        I have saw Niagra. It is powerful. I rode the maid of the mist. I is truly beautiful. Especially when it's colored by lights at night time. Spectacular!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks KAT ~ For Americans & Canadians a trip to NIAGARA & The Grand Canyon & Gracelands & The Inside Passage etc seems to be akin to a Pilgrimage (Next Year Jerusalem etc !) For the English we have to visit LONDON ~ The Lake District ~ The Isle of Wight ~ Derbyshire Caves and Liverpool etc. I loved the whole NIAGARA experience especially the RAINBOWS in the spray and close up and personal on the Maid of the Mist ! The sound of the Horseshoe Falls (Canada) was awesome ~ AMEN ~ Hugs BRIAN @@@@@@@

        • Laura

          Caro amico BRIAN,
          Hai ragione! La veduta di NIAGARA FALLS รจ straordinaria!
          NIAGARA FALLS is extraordinarily beautiful! My husband and I, with some friends who were visiting from Belgium, drove from NYC to Canada to see the Falls!
          An incredible experience!
          Thank you for sharing!
          Abbracci e Baci...

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            CAIO LAURA - GRAZIE per tu cometario sympatico ! I am pleased you have visited NIAGARA it is one of 'The Seven Wonders of the Natural World'. It has to be seen to be believed - AMEN ! Pleased you liked the Poem - Picture & Video ! Please check my FUSION and choose your FAVOURITE STATE ! Abbracci e Baci - Tu Amici - BRIAN ed ANGELA @@@@@@@

          • Claudelle DeLuna

            Great Poem!
            Our honeymoon was at Niagara Falls!!!

            So this resonates very powerfully with me, so now my Saturday has been illuminated!
            Thank you for this dear Brian!
            :) :) :)

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Ohhhhhhhhhh CLAUDELLE - we do envy YOU - Honeymoon @ NIAGARA it must have been so so Romantic. I have explained (in other comments) we have to go to SEVILLA (SPAIN) to meet all ANGELA's SPANISH FAMILY and have a Catholic Blessing on our Marriage in Seville Cathedral - AMEN. We will visit NIAGARA (first time for ANGELA !) in 2020. We are thrilled we illuminated your Saturday ! We are pleased you chose it as a FAVOURITE - Love BRIAN & ANGELA XXXX Please check our FUSION and choose your fave US State - Thanks B & A

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              HOLA AMORADO MIO ~ ANGELA AQUI! Its 8am SUNDAY here and Im getting spruced up for Church and Im on the Coffee Rota later. Loved your Poem on waterfalls and that picture of ME BATHING! Also the video on NIAGARA it looks amazing. Sorry we cant go for Honeymoon like Claudelle but La Mia Famillia es Primo. They have forgiven me for becoming Una Protestanta but being Spanish they all obey their Husbands! ! ! We will enjoy a Catholic Blessing, on Honeymoon, en La Catederal de Sevilla. Miss you lots : talk on Skype later. Abrazos y Besos y todo de mi Amor ~ Tu Amorada ANGELA XXXX

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Gracias ANGELA ~ La Alegria de mi Vida. Pleased you liked the Poem & Photo & Video on Niagara. We will go for a Week in 2020 ~ I have a Friend in TORONTO (I was his Best Man in 2013) who we can stay with ! It is the best place in Canada to stay in to visit the Falls. Pleased your weather is still warm enough for Sailing etc ~ It is cooler in Essex (25C) and we have had lots of much needed rain. The footy Season has started in the UK and EVERTON drew 2 : 2 with WOLVES. Liverpool play tomorrow ! I will post a Hymn tomorrow and you can post another SEVEN QUIRKY facts about NZ on MONDAY (13.08.18) and remember on Monday the 20th we really will be "TOGETHER AGAIN !" Thanks for you comment ~ Muchos Abrazos y Besos con todo de mi Amor tambien ~ TU AMORADO BRIAN XOXOX

              • lcmcfadden

                Loved this! Well Done.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  THANKS FRIEND ~ Pleased you enjoyed it. For me Waterfalls are always a Blessing and I always look for them wherever I am in the World. Yours BRIAN

                • Goldfinch60

                  Yes waterfalls are wonderful, I have only seen the ones in the UK.
                  My two granddaughters saw Niagara last year, They just popped over to Canada, stopped for a day nad overnight in Iceland on the way, went through Canada, stopped at Niagara and ended up in New York.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    THANKS ANDY ~ YES the Waterfalls in the UK are beautiful because of their rarity and also they are on a HUMAN SCALE ! For many NIAGARA is just too big and overpowering ! With WATERFALLS as with everything SIZE MATTERS ! Pleased your GRANDDAUGHTERS are getting a chance to see the WORLD. The present generation of UK TEENAGERS have the opportunity to visit every Continent in "THE GLOBAL VILLAGE" a choice that was perhaps denied their GRANDPARENTS. I chose the video because it gives one a good idea of the IMMENCENESS of NIAGARA. Love to Joyce ~ Yours BRIAN & ANGELA.

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