Two Hundred

I've posted two hundred poems

and finally made it just now,

Poems of tears, love and laughter

all got written and posted somehow.


Through MPS I have met friends 

and lost a few--but in the end

I have met some incredible people

on my journey---so I want to send


love, good luck and good wishes

to all those that have been kind to me

So far it has been a unique

spellbinding and incredible journey


I need to take time out for

the things that matter and for me

I'll be back--meanwhile to my

dearest friends--miss you--temporarily




  • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

    You are wonderful Christina and although I've not been on this site too long, I enjoy your poetry.

    Congratulations on 200 poems. :)

    • Christina8

      Thank you so much Tamara!! I always appreciate your feedback and positivity! I will be back soon enough.


      CONGRATULATIONS Nueatra Hermana Preciosa CHRISTINA ! WOW 200 ~ and every one bearing your hallmark and a drop of your precious BLOOD. We will miss you as will lots of others ~ because over many Months you have bared & shared your SOUL & HEART with US. ANGELA & I WILL BE ON (MORE SPASMODICALLY) for the foreseeable future so please check from time to time with a unique CS comment ! Whos going to ameliorate your SPANISH ? Abrazos y Besos ~ Hasta la Vista ~ BRIAN (UK) y ANGELA (NZ) 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • Christina8

        I will check in once in a great while, mostly just twice a week for my inbox but I will check your poetry. This site just isn't the same. Abrazos y besos---Hasta la vista---Christina

      • Laura


        Wow...two hundred poems!
        Amazing! Be safe and take
        care of yourself and your

        All the best...


        • Christina8

          I will. take care--Christina

        • Goldfinch60

          Thank you Christina, enjoy your break, you will be missed. Please come back sooner rather than later.

          • Christina8

            Hopefully I will come back with a few good poems. Thanks Andy--Christina

          • orchidee

            Yes, Nueatra…...and all that, wot Brian says! I dunno wot it means though, mind ya! heehee.
            A fine write Christina. Yes, don't stay away too long! Meanwhile, I'm gonna do some spasmodic ameliorating - oohh fancy! lol.

            • Christina8

              LOL! I literally laughed out loud. Thanks for that first thing in the morning Steve! Hopefully I'll be back better than I ever was. Christina

            • ron parrish aka wordman

              well i hope you are o k
              we will miss you

              • Christina8

                Well, the way things are going, I'll be back before you know it!

              • Michael Edwards

                Just found this - oh please don't leave it too long before you post more of your fine work again Christina.

                • Christina8

                  I really appreciate that Michael. More than you know. I've missed the friendships on this site that I cannot find on other poetry websites. I will be back soon!

                  • Michael Edwards

                    I know of no other poetry site to match this one. It does have a few annoying points but it is easy to use and with none of those stupid 'awards' that others insist on. Just a shame that the 'friendly' few are indeed so few in number.

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