Praise - Machowl/Chowl

Tune: Bunessan

('Morning has broken')


A round dance, 'machowl', it does derive here

From 'chowl'* (*Hebrew), whirling particles appear

As of a sandstorm, vigorous, lively

Take up your places for the dance, see


Psalm 149 v.3

Let them praise His name, praise it in the dance

It will the worship truly enhance

Let them sing praises to Him with timbrel

And with the harp, and instruments all


Jeremiah 31 v.13

The Lord shall restore, then the young and old

Shall praise Him, by all His wonders told

He shall turn their mourning to joy, comfort

Sorrow turned to joy, they have Him sought


Exodus 15 v.20-21

The Lord's deliverance wrought at Red Sea

Then this the people's song it was, see

The horse and rider of the enemy

He has destroyed, thrown into the sea


1 Samuel 18 v.6

Dancing at Saul and David's victories

The Lord from enemies He them frees

Praise and elation, joy, celebration

From everyone, whate'er their station


Psalm 30 v.11

You Lord have turned my mourning to dancing

I my joyful songs unto you bring

You have put off my sackcloth, I not sad

Now, for your help has sure made me glad


  • orchidee

    I'm not one for dancing really. Anyway, Fido barks at me, to keep me from too much 'excitement'. Should I keep him as my 'watchdog'? He never lets me let my hair down! heehee.

  • Michael Edwards

    Can Fido play the drums?

    • orchidee

      Yes lol. Machowl sounds a bit like Meow! I got to stop insulting cats, cos I keep saying 'Is it me singing or two cats fighting?!'


      WOW UNCLE STEVE : Love Morning Has Broken my favorite Folk Hymn. Love the video very uplifting for SUNDAY (Its 9 pm here so Sunday is almost over !). Love the rhymes on the Psalms (and other Scriptures) a Treasure House of Praise. Please check UTOPIA : SONNET 3 ! There is a picture of BROS & AOS : SPOOKY ! Love in the Spirit ANGELA 🧡🧡

      • orchidee

        Thanks Angela. Ohh, I'm too old for dancing! Is that my excuse?!

      • Andrew Charles Forrest


        • orchidee

          Thanks Andrew.

        • FineB

          Thanks Orchidee.

          Wonderfully uplifting.

          The picture is beautiful.

          Keep writing

          • orchidee

            Thanks Fine.

          • onepauly

            loved the song!

            • orchidee

              Thanks Pauly. Didn't Cat Stevens, as he was then, singsome version of it? Now he's Yusuf somebody.

              • onepauly

                I had an album of
                cat stevens greatest hits.
                love his way of singing.
                I really go for the vocals

              • Goldfinch60

                Good one once again Orchi.

                • orchidee

                  Thanks Gold.

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