IT AMAZED US : When we got ALIEN

Pictures from Earth (Roswell ?) : They looked like US !

BIG EYES : because we have lower LIGHT from

ALTURIA : and no body /head hair !


This poses a problem : when we visit

EARTH : We will be very distinctive : which

Could lead to ALIENATION ! This

Would be  a shame : We would come in PEACE !


We never have WARS : Disputes are settled

By COMPROMISE : So every one's HAPPY

GUNS & KNIVES are forbidden in PUBLIC.

MUSIC & ART is similar to EARTH !


We believe in a CREATOR and our

SPIRITS go to HIM when our TIME is FULL !


Thanks for perusing : comments please : ANGELA & BRIAN


That is the last in this series : thanks for your comments

BRIAN & I hope to write a book about the TRIOSIANS

and what did happen when we visited Planet Earth !

We think we look a lot SMOOTHER than Hairy Male

Humans who look like animals we call MONOS which

resemble your MONKEYS ! We are a Special Creation

made in the LIKENESS of RA our Creator we did not

evolve from MONOS !  WE grow enough food to feed

our population of 5 million and we have clean Air

(23% oxygen 76% nitrogen CO2 200 parts per million)

We have an abundance of PURE CLEAN WATER. Our

Seas are SALINE (3%). Life is perfect here please come

and visit soon. If you are very good you can STAY !

Your FEMALES are very BEAUTIFUL. Love their HAIR 

Love Peace & Blessings  AOS & BROS 🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑       



  • Michael Edwards

    I look forward to meeting you - what do hairdressers do on your planet - are they all on the dole? :) :) :)


      GLUCK (thanks) TUO MIKE : Since we get Earth pictures : we start make WIGGYS from animal hair. Men Wig & Wiska make us look frightful we have HU~MAN DAY when all Trosian Male wear Wig & Wiska act like MONOS grunt and chase Ladies : what you call FOOTBALLHOOLIGAN ! When we have HU~WOMAN DAY all Trosian Female wear beautiful coloured WIG made from NOLYN (synthetic fibre). They look beatiful and we all fall in love again ! Hope you can visit UTOPIA ~ see you in 30 years time Love AOS & BROS πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

      • Michael Edwards

        Read this a couple of times and still smiling - sounds like the world of Orchidee :)

      • orchidee

        A fine fantasy(?) write there B&A. You seen E.T? He gone home? Where is his home?!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS UNCLE STEVE ~ You must appreciate that there are many SUNLIKE STARS in the Milky Way with Planetary Systems ~ some Earthlike which could support life. We know where ET is but we dont have a name for His STAR ~ it is 183611 and his Planet is 183611C (The third planet out from the STAR) In SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) we call it DISNILAND! Thanks for your interest we are writing a BOOK ~ WHOS WHO in OUR GALAXY ? ~ Yours as always your MPS Friends ~ BRIAN & ANGELA 🧑🧑🧑🧑

          • orchidee

            Thanks B&A. A joke:
            Two idiots were discussing space, etc. One says:
            'Ahh, the No.7 bus goes to Jupiter, I believe'.
            The other one says: 'Come on, you're having me on; I just remembered; it's the No.11 bus that goes there!

          • FineB

            Hello Brian and Angela.

            A very vivid, interesting and super poem on alien life.

            If we went to outer space and any of the other planets we would probably look strange to them. We often see this the other way round the aliens coming to us and them being strange.

            Keep writing

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks FINE a very interesting observation. I was born & raised in Liverpool so we were used to seeing ASIANS & INDIANS & AFRICANS even in School. When Rural People first met Chinese & Africans it was a culture shock. Especially in the days before Film & TV. If we travelled to TRIOS we would be the ALIENS and Men with Beards would look strange and Ladies with Purple Hair ! Pleased you enjoyed the STORY ~ Yours ANGELA 🧑 & BRIAN 😎

            • Christina8

              Very nice write on what aliens might feel we look like to them. A beautiful society which I hope we can evolve to someday, albeit a very long time in the future. (without guns and knives)

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks CHRIS ~ Millions of PEOPLE believe that there are hundreds of inhabited Planets in the MILKY WAY and that FLYING SAUCERS are evidence. As a Scientist I like to imagine what ALIENS would like like and how there day to day life would differ from ours and what sort of reception they would get WHEN & WHERE they landed ! I believe that if they did exist they would be HUMANOID and a special CREATION by GOD and not the product of Extraterrestrial Evolution ! If a manned FLYING SAUCER did land it would not shake my Faith ~ I would believe that GOD chose to create INTELLIGENT LIFE on a Planet (or Planets) other than EARTH ~ OK. I belong to a Group called SETI ~ Search for EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE ~ Which is looking for EARTHLIKE planets in the Milky Way capable of supporting LIFE ! As far as the chance of finding a KNIFELESS & GUNLESS Society on Earth ~ the chances are NIL ! Besos y Abrazos de tus Hermanos ~ BRIAN y ANGELA🧑🧑🧑🧑

              • Goldfinch60

                The aliens have been watching us for eons but will not conact us until we become mature.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks UNCLE ANDY ~ In my experience WISE MEN only communicate with other WISE MEN ~ which explains why you and I are having a dialogue ! When JESUS came from the Spiritual Dimension (HEAVEN) He was visited by WISE MEN for the EAST ~ Shepherds (who have to be WISE to survive) and ANGELS (Wise superhuman beings also from the Spiritual Dimension). Due to a number of factors the MATURITY of H. Sapiens is decreasing so ~ because of this ~ super-intelligent Beings form our own Galaxy may never visit ! I cant see them visiting ROSWELL NM USA again (remember 1947 ?) while TRUMP is PRESIDENT ! Canterbury is the favoured Site (for entry) in the UK ~ ALIENS are all familiar with the TALES ! Thanks for your interest ~ Love & Blessings to Yourself & Joyce ~ BRIAN & ANGELA 🧑🧑🧑🧑

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