Michael Edwards








Let me explain right from the start

when it comes to regard for modern art

there is nothing more that exposes the heart

than the disapproving face of the puritan fart.



If you’ve not found the elusive code

to put you on good fortune’s road

don’t ever think your life’s bereft:

when nought  goes right -  go left.



When yous  born, yous born

and when yous gorn, yous gorn

so make good use of life my friend

 there sure aint nuffink eiver end.



As church bells struck the quarter

her mind relaxed

her life intact

she bathed in lavender water.






  • Goldfinch60

    Four very good fours Michael. The first one gave me my first laugh of the day and for that I am very grateful.

    • Michael Edwards

      My pleasure - pleased they gave you a smile.

    • orchidee

      Good writes and pic Michael. What's Miss Berles doing in the bath with lavender water at that time of day? Ain't she at church?!
      You off to the wedding today?! See you there?

      • Michael Edwards

        She's not at church - she's in the kitchen making Sylla Bub. Have you ever heard sylla bub? She is noisy.

      • Christina8

        Your first quatrain gave me a good laugh---first one of the day. Thank you! All great ones.

      • Andrew Charles Forrest

        Mother said, the first was a tad "Abstruse"
        She's sucha puritan...
        I thought they were all excellent.

      • dusk arising

        Well here we go, i have just read the first piece and im laughing aloud... onwards.....
        last one modified:-
        As church bells struck the quarter,
        his mind relaxed
        his life intact
        he'd had the vicar's daughter

        always with a smile, love the humour in your writing.

        • Michael Edwards

          And now you've got me laughing as well - love the modified version - now why didn't I think of that? Cheers dusk

        • orchidee

          You polishing that armour this evening, ready for 1066?!

          • Michael Edwards

            Still helping with the fairy cakes - do you think that's where we went wrong in 1066 - should we have chosen a different type of ammunition?

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks UNCLE MIKE for me (BRIAN) a perfect POEM is a set of Quatrains with xaxa xbxb etc Rhyme Pattern. Isolated Q's are a bit like HAIKU & SENRYU which are best described as STATEMENTS rather than POEMS. But there are UNIKUS ~ Three prime Examples are BREXIT ~ EXIT ~ FIXIT all of which are deeply profound. Thanks for your famous four:

            1. TOMATO SOUP ART IS NOT
            2. PORQUOI DROIT O GAUCHE ?
            3. I COME ~ I GO ~ I NO COME BACK AGAIN
            4. LAVENDER ~ BENDER !

            Please check my latest FUSION ~ What makes you HAPPY ?

            Yours as ever BRIAN alias BRAIN !
            Love the primitive sculptings ~ ace !

            • Michael Edwards

              Nearly posted all the sculpture photos and running out of material to accompany my poems. Can't produce art quickly enough. I love short pieces and the quatrain (whatever the rhyming pattern) is among my favourites. Thanks so much for your comments as always.

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