Shepherd Security

Tune: Dominus Regit Me

('The King of love my Shepherd is')

John Chapter 10 pats


John's Gospel series (11)


Jesus, said He, Truly, truly

The door, gate of sheep-fold be

By Him if any enter in

They shall be saved, forgiven


The thief comes not, except to steal

To destroy, is set to kill

But Jesus has come that His sheep

May have life, He does them keep


And that they have life in fullness

More abundant, he shall bless

Them, for He is the good Shepherd

His voice true His sheep have heard


He good Shepherd, His life does give

That His sheep be saved and live

Hirelings care not for the sheep

They do not rejoice nor weep


For they to flock are indifferent

Only on hire are they sent

But Jesus, Good Shepherd, he cares

And in lives of His sheep He shares


His sheep hear His voice and follow

For thy recognise, do know

His voice, and them life eternal

He gives them, they shall not fail


Shall not fall nor perish, and nor

Shall they be taken e'ermore

Out of His hand, for [His] Father gave

Them to Him, He does them save


For the Father, greater than all

All human plans shall fail, stall

For none can take sheep from His hand

He Lord of His sheep, each land


  • Michael Edwards

    You never fail Orchi

    • orchidee

      Bbaaaaaaaa! Thanks Michael. What to call my pet sheep?

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write Orchi.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Gold.

      • Andrew Charles Forrest

        Is that you at the Organ there Orchi?

        • orchidee

          Nope ACF. But I have to pay that guy overtime, ya know! lol.

        • dusk arising

          LOL yep sheep and anglicans, a good comparison.

          • orchidee

            Thanks dusk.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Good Evening UNCLE STEVE : Angela Here : In NEW ZEALAND we humans are outnumbered 10 : 1 by SHEEP so they have to be GOOD Shepherds ! So the Scripture "Yo soy el Buen Pastor : El Buen Pastor la vida da por Sus Ovejas" I am the Good Shepherd : The Good Shepherd giveth His life for His Sheep" is very relevant in NZ ! Loved the Organ & the Poem : excellent ! Love in the Spirit ANGELA 🧡🧡 Please add a Poem to Brian's new FUSION : WHAT MAKE YOU HAPPY ?

            • orchidee

              You speaking in tongues to me? Erm, yes: 'Yo so el......' and all that!

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