Michael Edwards








When all the nows are whens

and  now today is yesterday

tomorrow now is then.


When soon is now and now it’s gone

how many nows in yesterday?

Where will they all come from?


I wonder if it’s true somehow

when soons are found

will they be now.


They disappeared in early morn

where are they stored?

I’m quite confused I want to yawn.

Tomorrow when the nows are gone 

and soon is later yesterday

will everybody say:  ‘Now then!





  • orchidee

    Did our discussion lead you (or both of us) up the garden path? And why would it lead us up a garden, of all things?! It was good to have that chat with you tomorrow (eh?).

    • Michael Edwards

      My garden path doesn't go up or down - it's very flat.
      Currently waiting for a quote for a complete redesign o f the garden so it might go up or down in the future - or will be sometime in the past? Errr...!

      • orchidee

        Doh! We don't know where we are, what with this extra hour too.

      • Goldfinch60

        Clever write Michael, but didn't we have that conversion in a years time where we talked about all our nows in the future and all our whens with Orchi in the present or maybe back in the days of 2043.

        "Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday"

        • Michael Edwards

          I've got a headache - there is a leak in the house somewhere where an extra hour crept in - I'm feeling a bit lost in time.

        • Jooles

          Love how your crazy mind works

          • Michael Edwards

            When indeed it does work. Thanks so much Jooles

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            YESTERDAYS gone Dear Michael
            Tomorrow may never be MINE
            So show me the way
            To lIve for TODAY
            ONE DAY at a TIME
            CARPE DIEM ~ AMEN !

            Thanks UNCLE MIKE for another "Timeless Poem" and more CHEE CHEE Ducks ~ AMEN !

            Yours as always BRIAN !

            • Michael Edwards

              I don't know where I am - could I be Dr Who in disguise?

            • Poetic Dan

              Love it! My mind is tingling now or was that then, dam it makes me want to keep writing.

              Thank you for sharing

              • Michael Edwards

                You might wish to keep writing but then or soon - oh the decisions.

              • orchidee

                How's that evening going M? By the time I found out what Carpe Diem meant, there was none of the day left to seize. Doh!

                • Michael Edwards

                  Where's it going?
                  Time for breakfast!

                • Andrew Charles Forrest

                  Excellent Michael
                  I love the saying that TODAY is a gift... that's why we call it the prsent
                  Who said that... NOW THEN
                  Like it

                • Laura


                  Nice write Dr. Who! My head is spinning with the nows, the whens, the soons, etc.

                  “Now Then” let me compliment you on your artwork! Love the geese in flight!


                  • Michael Edwards

                    As long as your body is spinning in time with it - if not you'll end up knotted.
                    Cheers Laura

                  • dusk arising

                    These days of future past have led me to believe that last weeks job tomorrow will be late unless, with the benefit of hindsight, should i chose to return, without wishing to make a prediction upon the likelihood of reaping the benefits of a penalty clause.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      I used to write penalty clauses in JFDI contracts - In fact I wrote one tomorrow and might write another one yesterday.

                    • Debsspot

                      Love the sense of humor in you work.
                      Also your sketches are beautiful. So simple and elegant.

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