Fay Slimm




Listening In.

The breeze is playing a shaky tune
on tall trees today, 
leaves sway and branches sound
coming changes 
in pace of cirrus as mauve moves 
towards seep 
for mist hangs around
the distant heave of blue hills.


Listening in I hear nimbus creaking
with unshed weight 
of rain spoiling for speed in cloudy
wet races as sky's 
gauze lowers and blue disappears
to dusty applause
from plants feeling ground's

summer-long battle with thirst.




    BEAUTIFUL FAY : Love the picture : I love people with natural Red Hair (especially Prince Harry : but dont tell BRIAN !) Love your perfect poem which is SUMMER BASED and so so perfectly describes the interaction of the elements and the flora. I love clouds and my fave line is:

    Listening in I hear NIMBUS creaking
    with unshed weight of rain : PERFECT

    OMG : I closed my eyes and could not only SEE it : but I HEARD it and felt it as well : Beautiful descriptive Poetry !
    Its nearly MIDNIGHT here and RUTH & I saw H & M on their walk about TODAY ! Harry is so Handsome & Meghan is so so Lovely : Blooming Beautiful ! Poem tomorrow : BRIAN is helping me with an ACROSTIC SONNET !
    Love as always ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡
    We have posted a new FUSION : CHRISTMAS : please feel free to add a POEM : Thanks A & B !

  • dusk arising

    One could imagine the Fay Tree gently cascading her foliage upon the damp cold soil around her, hoping the squirrels have secreted sufficient nuts as she prepares for yet another cool quiet winter and its cruel weather.

  • orchidee

    A fine write Fay. Yes, summer this year anyway, led me to write some poems with a parched them included.

  • Michael Edwards

    Beautifully descriptive piece Fay

  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful as ever Fay.

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