Michael Edwards




I see the benefits from afar

You must be wearing your cross-your-heart bra

It lifts and separates perfectly

so from now on if you’ll agree

It’s cross-your-heart underpants for me.



  • orchidee

    Oh lol, and bit swoony too! Glad you didn't elaborate on the benefits of cross-your-heart underpants!

    • Michael Edwards

      They lift and separate - latest fad among men of distinction. Or so Miss Berles says.

      • orchidee

        Oohh, how does she know? How did she find out? Don't answer that, or I will swoon again.

      • Goldfinch60

        Blimey, I can remember the adverts for those 'cross your heart bras'; I never tried one though.

        • Michael Edwards

          They do have to be adapted if you want to use them as underpants - not all that comfortable - or so I am told.

        • dusk arising

          Whatever next? Does this mean i can stop shoving a towel down the front of my shorts and buy smaller trousers?

          • Michael Edwards

            And old toilet roll cardboard inserts become redundant.

          • Laura


            Most hilarious!🤣 🤣

            Didn’t you hear about the emancipation of that
            “cross -your-heart” thingy?

            Love your artwork!


          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            HI UNCLE MIKE ~ Love the CHEEKY BIRD ! Also your horror underworld story for Halloween ! I dont have to wear In~Continent Pants any more because of BREXIT ! Yours as ever BRIAN. Please check Angela's lovely Poems on H & Ms visit to Auckland ~ Thanks B !

            • Michael Edwards

              Just the right apparel for nights like this - ta Brian

            • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

              Too funny.
              The cross your-heart underpants is not an image I'd care to see. :-)

              • Michael Edwards

                You ought to try wearing them - oh sorry - only to be worn by men. :) :)

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