The Beaver Moon (November)

The beavers

Building their ramparts of sticks

Against the coming cold

Work steadily through the night

Among the moon's silver drops

That shine

On their sleek fur, the lake

And the distant stand of pines


  • Michael Edwards

    A piece of true poetry - a great write.

    • Lorna

      Hello Michael - nice to "see" you......

      • Michael Edwards

        And you Lorna.

      • Goldfinch60

        Super write, I can see that fort in my minds eye.

        • Lorna

          Hi Andy - I hope the moon drops aren't splashing you!

        • Laura


          I had a feeling you were going to poetically remind us of the busy beavers! A wonderful homage to them with your fine poem!

          I enjoyed listening to “Moon River”!
          Thank you for sharing!


          • Lorna

            Hi L - yes I wandered back! Never too far away - nights are getting longer so may spend more time writing now....... (Winter is Coming! I discovered Game of Thrones this year - yes I'm slow to get with it.......)

          • orchidee

            A lovely write and pic/video Lorna. yep, I'm gonna sing, and croon that song! One of my favourite songs it is.

            • Lorna

              Hi there Old Warrior....... I can hear you! Honestly it isn't as bad as you say!

              • orchidee

                Well, heehee, a couple of times people next to me in church have said 'I heard your nice singing'. They should have been getting on with singing themselves, not listening to me - but there you go! lol. I'm not doing solos!

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              • dusk arising

                i like the way you have used 'less is more' in this compact piece. No woolly descriptions of moonlit ripples on the water etc just good solid stuff letting each reader build their own mental picture.

                • Lorna

                  Thanks - yes not woolly - furry............

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks LORNA ~ Every thing is ~ BEAUTIFUL ! Photo ~ Song (one of my faves) ~ Poem ! Beavers are very clever and their damns are always the right height etc ~ Love the big November MOON ~ AMEN Blessings & Love ~ BRIAN 😎 & ANGELA 🧡 Please check our POEM on HAPPINESS ~ Thanks B & A !

                  • Lorna

                    Thank you kindly B/A........

                  • sylviasearcher

                    A beautiful scene created here 🌔

                    • Lorna

                      Thank you sylvia...........

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