Michael Edwards





‘I hit the nail on the head ‘

That’s what’s you said.

The head of what?

I’ve lost the plot

I don’t get it

you surely hit

the head upon the nail.



  • orchidee

    Hmm, got to work this out now. How many brain cells will it take? I will phone a friend - Bill Posters or someone.

    • Michael Edwards

      Bill Posters will go up the wall - try Miss Berles

    • Goldfinch60

      "Heads I win, tails you lose" OK?

      • Lorna

        Heads I win, tails I win............

      • Laura


        You certainly ‘nailed’ your artwork!
        Ultra Majestic!
        Taking flight or safe landing?


      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        To hit the HEAD upon the NAIL
        Cos thats wot Mon Oncle Michael said
        NOT hit the NAIL upon its 'ED !

        That figures DOWN UNDER !

        Love the enigmatic BIRD ~ thanks for brightening my EVENING (11pm here in Auckland !}
        Please check OUR Collaboration Poem on HAPPINESS with ELVIS !
        Love as always from ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

        • Michael Edwards

          Ah Mon Oncle -one of my favourite films by my favourite film comedian - Jacques Tati - now that really does hit the head on the nail.
          Thanks A xxxx

        • Lorna

          You magician you.....what a stunning capture of your beautiful bird! As for nails, he looks as though he is tiptoeing to avoid them.

          • Michael Edwards

            Wait until you see the one I'll be posting tomorrow - he'll bring a smile to your face - thanks Lorna

          • dusk arising

            This reminds me of how my older brother taught me the art of winning a fight was all in the mind. One had to convince one's opponent to hit one as hard as they possibly could with their face upon ones moving fist. It sounded a complex idea but proved simplicity itself in application.

            • Michael Edwards

              That's what I love about this site - you pick up such useful information - thanks for the tip dusk. It's back to my bed of nails for me now. Must get to sleep in time to wake up!


            • Andrew Charles Forrest

              I hit my head upon the wall I find a nail is much too small...
              Love the pic! is that a stork? with its aprehensive walk?
              BRAVO M.E. Bravo

              • Michael Edwards

                It's a little bit sort of storkish
                it certainly isn't hawkish

                cheers Andrew :)

              • Debsspot

                Too true ha ha.....great twist.

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