Michael Edwards




Freshness after rain

Day-cool pathways in shadow

Long sunlit fingers


B******s carry seed
They should be venerated
Do not hang them out.


Points of contention

Framed in written narrative

Discussion ensues.


Unknown in annals

Declared without modesty

Silent verdicts reached


  • Goldfinch60

    Four more good ones Michael.

  • orchidee

    A fine set of writes Michael. with a swoony one too - you know the one! heehee.

    • Michael Edwards

      Was it the third one? Anyway I did mark it 18+ so no need for Fido to get all barky!

    • Lorna

      If I'm reading second correctly, it should be "X" rated.... or my mind should... ha ha

      • Michael Edwards

        It should be X rated - hope it's not an omen for my surgery tomorrow - I could end up with a couple of aubergines

        • Lorna

          Nothing but bliss and warm blankets for you tomorrow

        • Maxine Smith

          Love this Michael, brilliant writing.

        • Christina8

          Wonderfully done. Good luck tomorrow!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS UNCLE MIKE ~ A fine trio of GEESE followed by a fine quartet of HAIKU !

          1. Raining on my Pathway
          2. In praise of Spherical Objects
          3. Contending ~ Framing ~ Discussing
          4. Unknown ~ Brazen ~ Vindicated

          My fave is THREE because I love a DEBATE
          Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN
          Our Prayers are with YOU MANANA - B & A 🧡🧡🧡🧡

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks B&A - I do appreciate all your comment s a nd when it comes to No3 I might have no choice later today lol. 😒

          • Laura


            Great haikus!
            Love the geese!
            It looks like one of them is left out of the “conversation” or is bored and leaving!😉

            All the best to you!


            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks so much Laura - I'll be back soon.

            • Neville

              I think each of these four little gems more than adequately make up the full set... not sure why you have rated this page 18 + though.. and if it was me, I would lose the full stop at the end of the two middle haiku's... Neville

              • Michael Edwards

                I think I rated it thus when first drafted with bollocks in full. As for the two full stops if I take them out what will I do with them? Thanks for taking the time to comment.

                • Neville

                  primary school kids use far worse language and always have done.. if you removed those full stops, maybe you could keep them as spares...

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