Can't wait!

The forecast calls for snow

Holidays soon will be on their way

Already shopping for Christmas

I see no reason to delay!


The love I feel at Christmas

is unlike any other time of year

As I think back on how God

has provided, I shed a tear


I can't wait for December to come

so I can put up my Christmas tree!

Full of heirloom ornaments

My heart will burst with glee!


  • orchidee

    Doh, put the tree up now. They're up in the shops from about......oh June I would say! lol.

    • Christina8

      Yeah, they are definitely up now, aren't they?? No, I'll wait a bit longer, lol! Thanks for reading!!

      • orchidee

        Just hope we don't wish the year away. or do we wish to, if it's seemed to be a rubbish year?
        I don't follow those who say 'Happy New Year' every new year, then grumble about it at the end of the same year! Well, I might say: 'Don't worry, next year could be worse'. A great help I am. doh!

      • Maxine Smith

        I love Christmas, I love this. A fab read hunny.

        • Christina8

          Thank you so much Maxine!! Appreciated!

        • Michael Edwards

          Super read - I enjoyed this Christina.

          • Christina8

            Thank you Michael, I very much appreciate it!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            GRACIAS MI HERMANA EN EL SPIRITO SANCTO : I am pleased that Mi Poema de Candelas Natividades made you FELIZ en tu CARAZON ! I love your response !

            1. Early Christmas shopping
            2. Gods provision at Christmas
            3. Christmas Tree & Traditions

            Good on Ya SIS : Christmas only comes once a Year so we have to stretch it out ! Love you SIS when you are in Happy Mode : Treat every Day as Christmas Day (There is Cult that does just that and they are never depressed !) and you too will be muy FELIZ : Abrazos y Besos con Amor : Tu Hermana muy Feliz : Angela 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

            • Christina8

              Thank you so much Angela for being my inspiration today and making mi corazon muy feliz! It's nice to hear you call me "sis", I like that! You always call me "mi hermana...." I do have one Christmas poem I wrote last year that is worth reposting, at the appropriate time, of course. When the tree is up and the stockings are hung. Ooh I just can't wait!! Bye sis!!! Tu hermana muy feliz tambien!--Christina

            • Fay Slimm.

              A lovely look forward to Christmas kindness dear Christina - - may you be blessed with treasured moments this year - - a lovely read.

              • Christina8

                Thank you so much Fay for the read and the kind words! Much appreciated!

              • Goldfinch60

                Christmas is a wonderful time and should be shared with all.

                • Christina8

                  Thank you so much for reading and your kind words!

                • Lorna

                  For someone who loves Christmas Christina - a little video you might love as much as I do (it's not all fancy and modern but the sweetest thing you will see):

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  GRACIAS MI HERMANA CHRISTINA : A me gusta que tu Corazon es Feliz de Mi Poema de Candelas Natividades !
                  Go to it GIRL ! Shopping for Christmas : Gods provision at Christmas : Christmas Trees & Christmas Traditions. The sooner you start Chris the happier you will be ! I always thought it would be better to have Christmas in JULY and this year I will get my wish ! Weather on Christmas Day should be 75 C and Dry ~ AMEN

                  • Christina8

                    Your reply makes me smile! Thanks again for your friendship and kind words Angela!!

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