Michael Edwards






Consigned to my bed

Operation successful

Hernia repaired.


Mind fully alert

Inspirations  still coming

Placed in abeyance.


Studio is closed

Artwork held in suspension

Transient status.


Armchair is waiting

Limited mobility

The pen is active.








  • Michael Edwards

    Should have mentioned - a first for me - a collage - not something that has previously appealed but this worked out okay.

  • orchidee

    Best wishes Michael. You missed my singing. What? You wanted to miss it - as everyone does?! That would certainly add to any pain you may have - pain of mental torment, I mean. heehee. Did Miss Berles visit you in hosp?

    • Michael Edwards

      Miss Berles was in the next room having a syllable transplant.

    • orchidee

      Oohh nice collage too. An artist at a show does lovely nature/animal pictures. At the last show she did some in felt-work. One of them was Best In Show, as judged by the public. And why is Mr Public always called Joe?!

      • Michael Edwards

        Because if he was Mr Pubic he would be called Ginger.

      • Goldfinch60

        Glad all went well. Just take it easy in your armchair and all will be well.

        Liked the collage, our daughter has done them in the past.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Andy - might do a few more - this one was great fun.

        • Lorna

          So glad you're doing well Michael........ the collage is gorgeous - is there anything you can't do?

          • Michael Edwards

            Just taken a dress for up my wife - upstairs that is - can't sew for toffee - but if you offered me a gin and tonic I might have a go. :)
            Yes doing surprisingly well so far. Looking forward to driving again but a while yet or so I am told.

            • Lorna

              Wonderful! And you're so lucky to have so many things to do just sitting down! Be well.

            • orchidee

              You will notice, and Fido would bark at me anyway, that I spelt 'public' very carefully. Spell-checker would not notice the difference though. Ooh!

              • Michael Edwards

                Yes the word buclip never was easy.

              • Fay Slimm

                So good you are home again after the op. Michael - resting now is the thing and meanwhile as you state here - although almost immobile you at least have the pen - so pleased all went well and best of warm wishes.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks Fay - you are so kind - big hugs
                  - Michael

                • Laura


                  Glad all went well and you’re home! I had a feeling you’d be posting as soon as you got home. Very happy your pen and art are not taking a rest. However, make sure that YOU do!
                  Love the colors in the beautiful collage!

                  All the best...


                  • Michael Edwards

                    Thanks Laura - I have many ideas when it comes to art but they will have to wait - in the mean time plenty of recent work to feature above.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    GOOD MORNING UNCLE MIKE : Its 8am here and Im WIDE AWAKE ! YES You sure can Write & Create ! Love the Collage : We use those a lot in Art Therapy ! In my job most of my CLIENTS are still recovering so I can EMPATHISE !
                    Love your Steps to Recovery !
                    BODY is Healing
                    MIND is Releasing
                    ONE must pace Ones-self
                    Old Armchair got me ~ BUT
                    My Pen is still mobile ~ AMEN

                    Keeeeeeep on Writing
                    Keeeeeeep on Recovering
                    Love ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Angela - oh you are a delight - must say i'm not in pain just discomfort but that will improve as the days go by and in the meantime I continue to wield the pen (or should that read 'mouse'.

                    • ron parrish aka wordman

                      glad it went well my friend

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