The George

Way back in time, when I was a young man,

There was a place that I went to every day.

A place where I met with friends.

The question “Where are you going?”

The answer was always “Up The George”.


The George, a proper pub.

Public bar for us darters and carders,

Saloon bar for a more gentile drink;

And an off licence so that more booze

Could be bought almost unseen.


The public bar, almost men only,

With forthright conversations

Highlighted with intemperate language;

But when ladies came into the bar

The bad language ceased.


Every evening I would be there

Playing darts or cards,

Drinking beer, chatting with friends;

A place of friendship and humour.

And a place that I think of with fondness.


Mick, The Landlord, with Pauline, his wife,

Made sure there was never any trouble.

It was often boisterous and rowdy,

But never anything happened

That was without fun and laughter.


There were three of us

Who shared our lives,

We always went everywhere together;

To pubs and clubs and rivers and lakes.

Jack, Joe and me, like three musketeers.


The barman’s name was John;

The finest purveyor of beer I have ever seen.

Sunday lunchtimes just look through the window

And our pint would be on the counter

By the time we had put our name on the dartboard.


The darts came first,

Put your name down quickly on Sunday

If you lost a match you would never get on again

So many darters, such good players,

So many laughs, so much fun.



So many characters, so many friends;

There was John and Vic always together,

Great friends who always darted and carded together.

Aged Eric a man of the sea for many years

Always walked side to side as though still on board ship.


Sometimes on a Saturday night

The singing beer would be served;

And there was Don with his wondrous good voice

And his Italian good looks,

Outshining any Venetian Gondolier.


There on a Friday night

There would be Bryn the Clown and Jack the Beard,

Playing euchre against me and my Dad,

For pennies and tuppences;

Not for the money, but for the love of the game.


Then there was Ron, Big Ron

A lovely man who lived a hundred yards from the pub,

But always drove to it.

He was taken from us early in his life,

And I was in one of the fifteen cars following his coffin.


The George, part of my youth;

A very special part;

A place looked back on with fondness,

Happiness and love.

A time of laughter, innocence and joy.


  • Michael Edwards

    What great memories - with me it was The Bell in Southgate - similar experiences but long since demolished.

    • Goldfinch60

      Yes, they were great times back then - The George in Rochester is still there but I went in about ten or twelve years ago but it was not the same. Never go back, you will be disappointed.

    • orchidee

      A fine write and clip Gold. We have two 'The Georges' that I can think of. One dates from 1506. Were you there with me in person at the opening ceremony?

      • Goldfinch60

        I remember it well, the mead was rather fine if I remember correctly.

        • orchidee

          Oliver Cromwell or someone historical stayed there one night, I believe. I said 'Hi Ollie'. It was a Coaching Inn at one time. I had to put his horse in the stable for overnight.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          You are such a BLESSING UNCLE ANDY with your heterogeneous music selection. I find dear Pavarotti heightens all my senses ! Love your POEM : Brian (who has a misspent Youth) was teaching me to play Arrars & Bridge both classless pastimes. Technically I am only 'A white wine for the Lady' but back in Essex one the Steakhouses : serves Honey Beer and I like that ! I have travelled the World a bit but nowhere else can duplicate the ambience of a British Pub not even Dublin : but I do like the crac and the Come-day : Go-day Irish Bands ! A perfect narrative Poem : I was there and again all my senses were heightened. Such Poems make me Homesick for the Essex Snug and a glass of pre-Christmas GLUTWEIN ! Love to YOU & JOYCE : ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

          • Goldfinch60

            Thank you Angela, there was nothing quite like a pint with great company in that pub. You do not see it nowadays though.

          • Lorna

            Thanks for taking us to The George with you Andy...... now I can say I've been to a real UK pub. Delightful but I'd have to have a Pimms cup as I'm not much of a drinker (get dizzy almost immediately - figures).........

            • Goldfinch60

              My pleasure, Lorna, it was a great pub with great people in it.

            • Joe Dawson

              Put me a pint behind the bar, I'll be in when I've done the pots ... Great memories, great times. Funny that, my dad used to drink in The George too. Joe

            • dusk arising

              I guess all of us guys had a similar place. My first such place was the Vaults of the Trent Bridge Inn or T.B.I. as we called it, right on the corner of Trent Bridge Cricket Ground.
              I think you capture the atmosphere and camaraderie of these watering holes. Being a part of such gatherings gives us something we take through the rest of our lives - as well as the thirst of course.

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