Michael Edwards




Like melting snow within his grasp

his fire held no fuel.



Dreams drawn on stone in chalk

are washed away when troubles rain.




On valley floors and sunlit plains.

where shadows of the clouds roam free

the yellow shine of buttercups

in swaying waves of uncut grass.



A bud úpon the tree of life

gives proof of hope in morning light.





  • Goldfinch60

    Good one there Michael, especially the last one.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks so much Andy - I do like short pithy writes - not always as simple as they appear.

    • Goldfinch60

      Good painting as well - I wonder what is through that gate.
      It reminds me of my daughter's degree show, there was a charcoal drawing of a path down an alley and the path turned at the end, I have always wondered what was round that corner. I can still see that image some thirty years later.

      • Michael Edwards

        One of the rules of a good painting is that the composition should lead you into the picture and not out of it. Having led you in it should also invite your imagination to investigate further .
        I am currently having my garden redesigned and the same concept applies - we are looking to divide it by use of structures to make the visitor want to look to see what's around the corner.

      • orchidee

        A fine write and pic Michael. What's that funny 'ú' in the last one? An accent has appeared over it? Maybe it's pronounced 'Eh-pon'. (I'm talking rubbish now).
        Did your finger slip to the 'AltGr' button? That what I use for, e.g. 'blesséd' to get lines to sneakily rhyme.

        • Michael Edwards

          Didn't even realise it was there - might use it again - or it could be a bird - what is the Alt Gr button? Where do I find it?

          • orchidee

            Oh it does fancy extra stuff. Well, on my keyboard it's immediately to the right of the space bar. Must be AltGr, and not Alt button to get the accent.

          • 2 more comments

          • orchidee

            And - doh - Miss Berles went through such a gate, and got arrested. She did not see the 'No Trespassing' sign!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS UNCLE MIKE ~ I love EPIGRAMS ! My fave is 2 which highlights the oft transience of the written WORD ! Its like MPS however erudite our ODES ~ Jonathan only allows 2 day exposure MAX (unless its a FUSION). I feel even my most prodigious efforts are like : DREAMS WRITTEN IN CHALK ON STONE ~ AMEN. Loved the PASTEL ~ KOOL ! Yours as ever BRIAN !

            • Michael Edwards

              Cheers Brian - I like No2 as well - there can be so much meaning within just a few words. that's why love writing these little shorties.

            • dusk arising

              Yes, these wee gems of wisdom must be a devil to dream up. But i guess if you are above a certain age wisdom pours from your pores as you pause before your poor paws begin to type.


              • Michael Edwards

                My paws are about the only bits properly functioning at the moment - thankful for small mercies.

              • Debsspot

                Michael 2nd one really struck a chord with me.

              • orchidee

                How's the evening going M?!
                Is it going with a whéééééééééééé?
                I'm overdoing the accent now, and being silly! lol. Woof! Fido said put that new toy down Orchi. Stop pressing AltGr button.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Evening going well - bruising coming out - aubergines? Without a ú !!

                • Leisa Niamh

                  Your poem stuck a chord with me as it made me think about how I always turn to nature and a walk in the hills and mountains of North wales I am feeling low . I always come back with a little hope and feeling better.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    I've just returned from a short walk (the first time out the house after an op) and the countryside really uplifted me - feel so much better for it - thanks so much Leisa.

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