Michael Edwards







Rioja located in Northern Spain

 an area much characterised by rich

tradition and by vibrant innovations

with its region spanning wide terrain

rich and smooth with textured charm

oak barrelled aged across the years

graciano mazuelo and maturana 

temparanillo and graciano

Spain's flagship wine

of great repute






shining - sparkling

underneath nights twinkling stars.









  • Goldfinch60

    Now you are talking Michael, Roja is my favourite wine and there are some great ones out there, I have tried many but have many still to seek out.

    • Michael Edwards

      Had a great one this lunch and not expensive.

    • onepauly

      sounds tempting. lol

      • Michael Edwards

        I'm always tempted πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

      • orchidee

        A fine write Michael. Just don't invite me. They'll hate you for it. I will only add water to it! heehee.

      • Lorna

        Very clever Michael! I didn't see the glass I scrolled for the end of the poem! Thank you for the tour of Rioja!

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Lorna - would love to go back there.

        • orchidee

          Me poem 'blew up' for today, while trying to upload a clip. Will try again...
          C'mon Orchi, you're having us on. You was blotto, and forgot poems, cos you had sherry without water!

          • Michael Edwards

            Try water - take it neat. Or would it be too strong for you?

          • dusk arising

            What are you, an artist or somethimg?? LOL
            Such a lovely idea and carried off to perfection.

            • Michael Edwards

              I\'m an 'or something'. lol :)

              Thanks dusk

            • orchidee

              How's that evening going M? I will settle down with a pork pie and water!

              • Michael Edwards

                A noble feast - just been reading that pigs are better than cows and sheep - they burp or fart so much. Does that mean I'm bad for the environment?

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Gracias Tio Michael : You're in my Territory here and La Territoria Rioja de mi Padre ! I was weaned on Rioja Tinta and have visited the Vineyards with lots of Tastings & Tapas. Rioja y Cava (Spanish Champagne) are two of Spain's finest Wines. Thanks for your excellent endorsement. Being a Christian I do try never to be Drunk (3 large glasses of Rioja Tinta ?) but the Good Book does encourage us to "Take a little wine for your tummy's sake" and most Catholic Church Halls do have a licence and a Bar. For me an evening meal without Una Botella del Vino is NOT a meal ! Love ANGELA 🧑🧑🧑🧑 Love the glass shaped ode and the charcoal pencil drawing simple but effective : ANGELA

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thank you Angela - I very much had you in mind when I penned this. My wife is Catholic and I am very much known by her church community. I am a regular visitor to their functions and - yes - they do have a licence I'm very pleased to say.

                • Laura


                  Love the shape poem and its subject matter! When I saw it, the adjective artful came to mind! Artful with your writing, artful with your artwork...intertwining your talents! Exceptional!

                  Cin 🍷cin🍷


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