Michael Edwards






The rising sun

aged old

each day renewed

inspiring warming lighting

probing rays

fingering familiar hues

that spread reflect and dance

on old emotions resurrected

 with its rising

born again its arms embracing.



  • Goldfinch60

    Good positive write Michael. The sun will always rise for us on each wonderful day of our lives.

    • Michael Edwards

      Currently rising here - looks like another grand day on its way.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Michael - Good write and pic. Erm, it's not rising here yet - black as thunder! It's behind the clouds. Is it in pantomime - he's behind you?!
      You going to tea with Liz and Phil - their 71st wedding anniversary today? I been invited to Buck House. How are you with the Royals?

      • Michael Edwards

        Last time I saw Liz she poked her tongue out at me - I don't think I'm in their good books - so no invite - just as well - currently house bound with strange swellings.

        • orchidee

          You'll miss the tea and cucumber sandwiches then.

        • Fay Slimm.

          A calm feel to this charming tribute Michael - - the sun does indeed, providing it is not equatorial is a welcome sign of warm comfort. A lovely verse with its first notions of inspiration all the way from Australia. Must mention too the amazing clarity of your wonderful watercolour - you are so talented.

          • Michael Edwards

            You are too kind Fay but your kind comments are so appreciated. Quite a different write to the original but it was a great inspiration.

          • Laura


            Your fine write and pic are making my day brighter than it started! Yes, the sun will always rise and shine in some part of the world! A warm and cozy feeling! ๐ŸŒž
            Awesome painting...as always!
            Hope youโ€™re feeling better!


            • Michael Edwards

              A tad better each day but the wound is still painful - I have decided to draw in my horns until after Christmas so it's going to be a few quiet weeks for me. The painting is of a village called Laughton just a couple of villages along from mine.

              • Laura

                Your village sounds enchanting!๐Ÿ˜Š

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              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                FROM THE RISING of the SUN
                To the going down of the same
                The LORD's name is too be praised !

                Thanks for sharing Michael ~ The SUN is very critical to our existance. Under normal conditions it provides Planet Earth with LIGHT and an ambient temperature of (now) 16C & rising due to Anthropogenic Global Warming. We should cherish the Sun but never take Him for granted ~ BUT we should also cherish the Earth ! Yours as always BRIAN ~ Loving the Village Scene !

              • dusk arising

                That sun and it's rays of positivity beckoning us to do whatever it is to be done.
                Often cloaked by clouds in the skies, or clouds within us, it is perpetual as your writings suggest.

                Lovely picture. The 'form' and perspective encourage one's mind to want to wander into the village. To romance the picture. Something i used to try to achieve in photography, to 'involve' the viewer. Your picture certainly does this.

                • Michael Edwards

                  It's strange but there are several 'rules' which although there to be broken do assist in painting a good picture - people walking towards the point of interest, use of shapes in composition, two thirds rule, use of limited palette etc. I have found however that what makes a great photograph doesn't always make a great painting - there is something different between the eye of a good photographer and a painter. l

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