Michael Edwards







Six pairs of knickers to her name

Yippee – it’s Saturday again!


  • Goldfinch60

    My first laugh of the day Michael, thank you.


    HI UNCLE MIKE ~ VERY DROLL FOR A FRIDAY MORNING ! ANGELAS are colour coded ! Saturday BLACK : Sunday WHITE : Monday BLUE : Tuesday PINK : Wednesday LILAC : Thursday YELLOW : Friday RED ! I'm smiling now : for the memory : Friday RED for DANGER ! Yours as always BRIAN ! Dont forget to ADD to the (con)FUSION ! Please chuck todays POEM on CAR SENSE IN WINTER !

    • Michael Edwards

      Love the idea of colour coded - do they have back and front printed ion them? Thanks Brian - will look other postings later today.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks Uncle Mike : NO they just have AMO 🧡 TU ! I should be so lucky its a pity ANGELA is over 11,000 miles away "Ill have a Blue Christmas without HER !" Yours BRIAN !

      • orchidee

        Ooh this time of year and all?! She's a saucy gal. Bit chilly for it. Swoon! heehee.

      • dusk arising

        It travelled as far as worcestershire thats for sure. Big grin but no breeze. Oh well, on the positive side theres next saturday to look forward to.

        • Michael Edwards

          Whitbourne Hall, Worcs - family connections - must check it out - did it reach there? Cheers Dusk

          • dusk arising

            I used to live in Whitbourne Hall in the 90's... disgracefully small world we live in.

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          • Fay Slimm.

            Wow - - she has to go without them for one day of the week - - draughty I call that - - - great fun read Mike.

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks Fay - she hasn't grasped the concept of turning them inside out - 12 days wear - time to get some washed ! Or sterilised ?

            • Laura


              Free on Sundays !🤣

              Love the painting!


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