Michael Edwards







He calls himself a barista

but he really hasn’t a clue.

There’s only one way to make coffee

if you want the perfect brew.


No quirky machines are required

forcing water through the grounds

losing out on the subtle flavours

to unwarranted gurgling sounds.


The only way worth considering

is in a cafetiere

where the flavours are slowly imparted

and aromas invade the air.


60gms of freshly ground coffee

to a litre of water boiled

allow to stand for 4 minutes

for the perfect flavour unspoiled.


When it comes to serving your coffee

forget silly pictures in froth,

they’re an insult to the discerning

they kindle the purists wrath.


If you query the type of coffee

 Robusta or Arabica?

you’ll be lucky to get an answer

so much for the know-all  barista


Colombia, Brazil

Or the land of blue gum

Ethiopia Honduras

Where does it come from?


Origin unknown.

an amorphous blend

‘Do you want any flavours?’

Yuk! Heaven forfend!



  • orchidee

    A fine write and pic M. I have tea 99% of the time. The other day I had to have coffee it seemed. But 'bleurrrghh', quite strong, and couldn't drink it. Oops, sounds like 'begorrah' which is OMG - mustn't blaspheme.

  • Goldfinch60

    The coffee bar we frequent are very good, they know their coffees, the 'house' coffee is Arabica but they have a guest coffee as well which changes every few months, at the moment it is Ethiopian coffee and the one before was Honduras, I always try the guest coffees but to be honest although they are very good the Arabica takes a lot of beating.
    At home we have Columbian and Brazilian Santos.

    • Michael Edwards

      The chances are that they are all Arabica but they may vary in the variety grown and the terrain can make a difference as it does with grapes and tea. Also' of course, the roasting time makes a difference and can vary from processor to processor. The trouble is with most coffee houses the staff have no idea of all this - they only know how to spoil the coffee by additive flavours and other gunk and by playing around with the milk all of which destroys the coffee itself.

      • Goldfinch60

        I only ever drink black coffee (americano) without sugar.

      • sylviasearcher

        I’m glad I’m a tea drinker. They don’t try to mess with tea!

        • Michael Edwards

          No they offer you different types unlike the likes of Costa et al - Thanks Sylva.

        • nicolibellamont

          :) This made me smile. I prefer a White Mocha , but honestly im not too picky

          • Michael Edwards

            Mocha's great - from the Arabica species and grown in the Yeman. Cheers N

          • Santita

            This is awesome! I had coffee when I was travelling around Colombia, and I can assure you that nothing compares to it, especially not some fancy art latte lol. I prefer it simpler - without all the syrups and flavors. Cream and sugar!

            • Michael Edwards

              Pure freshly ground medium roasted gently seeped in water imparting flavours - nothing like it. And yes I quite cream but don't take sugar. Thanks Santita

            • orchidee

              How's that evening M? Half-gone by now! lol.

              • Michael Edwards

                Half gone - half to come - not sure which half though.

              • Fay Slimm

                Michael - Flavours are nonsense when serving good coffee - I love the lament when your verse describes murder by "quirky machines" - - - - - simply water -immersed for me - with a little cream sometimes but never sugar.......... gorgeous picture again - clever you.

              • Johnny Lawless

                Okay Mikey. You be writing about my passion that I like to brag about. I've been roasting my own for over ten years. Beans from New Guinea are my fave. Aeropress is my fave way to brew. The Vietnamese infusion brewer is a close second.

                If your real nice to me I'll send ya some of my beans like I did with Unsub. He has sent me some killer CDs, so good luck!

                • Johnny Lawless

                  You're real nice to me is more like it! And a very enjoyable poem, I must add.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Aw shucks - not so bad yourself me old buddy. Just get that coffee on.

                  • Lorna

                    Sitting peacefully looking at the beautiful little cottage in the English field with a cup of coffee to elevate endorphins even higher than the picture can take us........ rapture.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      And how about a fresh scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam to go with it - Jeanne's scones are to die for.

                      • Lorna

                        Wicked man! Yum.............I buy for special occasions Tiptree Little Scarlet and croissants but scones are yummy too right out of the oven.....

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