CHRIST - MASS TIME ~ A Sunday 10 4 Sonnet ~ BRIAN



C is for the CHRISTCHILD ~ Born upon this Day

H for Herald Angels ~ in the Night ...........  


CHRISTMAS is a TIME to remember

HOW & WHEN the Son of God came to EARTH !

REMEMBER the Christmas Story in the Gospels

INFANT ~ Born of a Virgin ~ in a Stable !


Then WISE MEN from the EAST

MARY understood the significance of these

Amazing Events ~ The Angels and the Gifts*

SHE praised GOD that She had been chosen

SON of GOD ~ to bear and care for ~ AMEN


Tinsel ~ Holly ~ Mistletoe ~ Trees

I know (from 35 years experience) these all

Make CHRISTMAS ~ BUT ~ The Message is ~ GOD's

Eternal Son ~ JESUS ~ Coming to redeem ALL OF US !


Thanks for visit ~ Please comment ~ Love BRIAN  🧡🧡🧡


The UNITED KINGDOM of Great Britain has a great 

Spiritual Heritage ! We have many MARTYRS and

have sent Christian Missionaries to the Four Corners

of Planet Earth !  66% of UK Citizens still believe in

A GOD (Spiritual Power) ~ OK !  However Christmas 

is becoming more & more Secular !  Christmas cards 

are no longer Spiritual ~ and even the dreaded Happy

Holiday & Cool Yule are creeping in and People joke

"If it had been THREE WISE WOMEN ~ The would have

brought ~ Disposable Nappies ~ Babygrows and a 

Buggy able to fit in the Boot (Trunk) of a Chariot !"

They miss the significance of the GIFTS ~ GOLD His

Sovereignty ~ FRANKINCENSE His Divinity ~ MYRRH

His Suffering on the Cross for our Redemption. 

It is also reflected in our CHRISTMAS STAMPS which

are SECULAR (an oxymoron) in the EVEN YEARS (2018)

Postal Boxes ! ~ and SPIRITUAL on the ODD YEARS !

Most people in the UK seem to embrace ~ The Joy ~

The Fun ~ Presents ~ Parties & Pastries but to sideline

the Spiritual Significance ! The Churches pull ot all the

stops !  Christingles ~ Candle lit Carol Services and

Support for the Homeless & Vunerable.  Please support

all your local Churches ~ Sally Army & YMCA @ this

CHRISTMAS TIME ! Love to all BRIAN & ANGELA🧡🧡🧡🧡      


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  • Published: December 9th, 2018 06:11
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  • Michael Edwards

    At 66% this leaves 34% not believing which is some increase. Anyway this aside a fine write Brian.


      Thanks MICHAEL for your apt comment ! I guess 150 years ago it would been higher (compulsory even under Queen Vic !) To show I am not completely MEDIEVAL I have added a Contemporary Nativity Scene ~ please check. Our Humanist Friends (we do have some !) always know how to enjoy themselves @ Christmas and they are very Charitable towards the YMCA & Salvation Army etc. Love Peace & Joy @ Christmas
      BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • Michael Edwards

        A most generous reply - thanks so much Brian.

      • orchidee

        Yes, all arecapable of doing good, giving, etc. Sadly some miss the whole point of Christmas though.
        I'm gonna fuss over 'Mass' - don't like the word much. I went to a church, but could not join in the small bits they included about prayers to Mary.
        At one place someone crossed themselves, and genu-wotsited (genuflected) so much they must have been worn out at the end! You know, the up and down stuff - kneel, stand, sit, kneel,... about 20 times in 5 mins! The poor guy didn't know if he was on foot or horse-back (or horse or foot-back?). doh!

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks UNCLE STEVE ~ Pleased you enjoyed it ! Angela was raised a CATHOLIC so all the "Music & Movement" comes naturally to her. We sometimes attend the Catholic Church with her Parents but most weeks (when in Essex) Angela attends the Evangelical Church with me and enjoys the "freedom & flow" of the Worship !
          Yours as always BRIAN

        • Goldfinch60

          Good acrostic . The meaning of Christmas is certainly being lost in the realms of profit making and festive celebrations rather than its true meaning.
          We will be having Advent Celebrations, Carol Service and Christingle in our Church but fewer and fewer people are attending the Church nowdays.

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