My Mother My Friend




I love you more, you would say

Ohhh how I wish I could hear those words today..


Mommy I can’t believe your gone, and not here any more

I still think I’m going to hear your voice when we walk through the door


We didn’t always see eye to eye

But remember all those times we would laugh until we would cry


Remember all the water fights that we had

That one in the apartment got pretty bad

We laughed so hard Pauline peed her pants

I’d do it again if we had the chance..


Remember the grapes at the craft store

We laughed and played so much

 I thought they were going to tell us we couldn’t come there no more


The July parties and holidays at your place

All of us together in that little space

You made sure family was together

All those memories I will cherish forever


I love you Mom and I miss you so much

If I could only get one last hug, and feel your motherly touch


I got my goofiness from my dad and my selflessness from you

Even though… you have a little goofiness in you too 

You were always there to help someone in need

Within me, Mom, you planted that seed…


Thank you Mom for all you have done

Another like you, No there is none


You are special woman, mother, and friend

We will miss you dearly...until we meet again…


We Love you Mom


  • Ranita

    Happy Birthday Mom 🙂

  • dusk arising

    A very beautiful tribute to your mother. Love shines from your words. Such fun times you recount here, memories which will stay with you always and you will pass along.

    • Ranita

      Thank you 🙂

    • Goldfinch60

      Great tribute to your mother, she will always be with you.

      • Ranita

        yes she will thank you 🙂

      • Michael Edwards

        Nothing pretentious, simply stated, straight from the heart. This is all what makes it such a great write - superbly written.

        • Ranita

          Thank you 🙂

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks for caring & sharing RANITA ~ We only have one MUM and they are irreplaceable. Mine is 61 and I hope & pray to have her for a few more years yet. I have my own Flat but my Parents only live a few miles away ~ I go every Sunday for LUNCH ~ while ANGELA is in New Zealand. Lamb ~ potatoes & veg today & sticky toffee pudding ! I cant have a pet in the Flat so its good to have quality time with Mum's two cats ! Reading you poem has made me value my MUM more ! I loved the line in your Poem "Until we meet again" It makes death more bearable if we have Assurance of Eternal Life ~ AMEN Yours Blessings in the SPIRIT ~ BRIAN

          • Ranita

            That is Beautiful !! make memories they last a lifetime 🙂 and please send me sticky toffee pudding that sounds amazing lol 🙂

          • Clark

            My heart has been shredded to pieces and put back together again. Love this poem and your heart.

          • Ranita

            Thank you

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