Michael Edwards









Throughout the hours his prayers address

the sinful vice of idleness.



A day in the life of Parliament

is 24 hours of time misspent.



As worm is to chicken

As chicken is to man

As man is to worm 



Familiar with the outside world,

without a clue what’s in it. 



Virtues read with tearful pride

which only existed when he died.








  • Goldfinch60

    Some very meaningful writes there Michael, liked them all.

  • orchidee

    That art (These are) good writes M. Terrible grammar there! lol.

    • Michael Edwards

      My school taught all sorts of subjects - so why are they called Grammar Schools? Why aren't they called All Sorts Schools?

      • orchidee

        I did Jewellery Making - ooh! Only because it was the most appealing category in that range of school options. Did I make any gold watches at school?

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      • Nicholas Browning

        Your serious stuff tends to get me motivated, but these little bits are full of wonder of their own.

        • Michael Edwards

          Actually I wish I had more time to write the serious longer pieces - thanks so much Nicholas.

          • Michael Edwards

            I'll pop a serious one on here tomorrow.

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          • dusk arising

            The wonders of the English language made real before our eyes. I particularly liked the worms.

            • Michael Edwards

              I quite like the first one. It's a conundrum I've often considered: if religion is all about contributing to society, caring for the poor, looking out for ones neighbour etc why is it that monks and nuns shut themselves away and, as far as I'm aware, contribute nothing.

              • Michael Edwards

                I think we are of like mind on this subject dusk.

              • Neville

                every one a winner sir and that's a fact.. great little sketch too, I might add.... Neville

                • Michael Edwards

                  Just hope my art goes to heaven - or at I would hope if there is such a place

                  • Neville

                    who knows...

                  • LittleGift

                    Wowsers Michael this is superb! Though I don’t eat chicken so will that mean the worms won’t eat me? Lol

                    Your cartoon is hilarious again. Really gave me a good chuckle

                    Thank you

                    • Michael Edwards

                      I guess you are saved - but do you eat eggs?
                      Thanks LG

                      • LittleGift

                        Nope I don’t eat any animal foods. Am plantbased me. Guess I would make a good compost one day lol

                      • Fay Slimm

                        Your clever quips make the day more lighthearted and that's what it should be dear friend. - - - and thanks Mike for another sketchy smile - - " Art in Heaven"indeed !!

                      • tepo

                        You spread smilies
                        That is a gift

                      • Diamond

                        Enjoyed them all Michael. Thoughtful and silly at the same time.

                        • Michael Edwards

                          Cheers Diamond - you can't beat a better bit of silly can you.

                        • orchidee

                          To be serious - ooh! I've wondered about monks and nuns too. Maybe not all, but some, do charitable work reaching out to the community. I supposed they are called to the devotional life, hopefully not being unaffected, nor seeing the rest of us a 'lesser mortals'.
                          The Salvation Army I have a lot of time for, and folk like that. They say 'Belief In Action' and so it is.
                          Now, where's me trombone?!

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