Multitude Myriads

Tune: Lancashire

('The day of resurrection')

Revelation 7 v.9-17


Great multitudes before the throne

They God as Lord do own

Clothed in white robes and palms waving

To Him they ever sing

Loudly proclaim, 'Salvation

To all, to each nation

Comes from our God, he sits upon

The throne, the reigning One'


And Christ the Lamb shares victory

He the Son of God, see

All angels, elders, beasts around

The throne fall down, the sound

'Tis of their worship given

To Him in highest heaven

'Amen, Blessing, wisdom, glory

Honour, thanks, power be'


They praise the Lord Almighty

For e'er and e'er freely

They be those who through troubles came

And worship still His name

Their robes they have washed in the blood

Of Christ, a cleansing flood

It stains not, but make white and pure

Removes sin evermore


Happy they be, God's throne is there

Eternal joys they share

And day and night in His temple

They serve Him, one and all

No more hunger, nor thirst, nor pain

For 'tis where He does reign

Christ the Lamb He shall lead and feed

Them with fine food indeed


Shall lead then unto living founts

Good lands, valleys and mounts

Founts of waters to quench their thirst

Shall sprign forth and outburst

The Lord God ever with them is

Their state contentment, bliss

He shall wipe tears from every eye

With Him they never die





  • Michael Edwards

    Fine lines O

    • orchidee

      Thanks M.

    • Lorna

      You are an endless source of myriad words Orchi.......... In the words of Henry VIII from Wolf's Hall - "I'll say this for you....... you stand by your man!"

      • orchidee

        Thanks Lorna.

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Trembling and with reverent fear (awe) of God I pray that I may persevere and receive the white robe. Catholics believe we can lose salvation through un repented sin Orchidee: Jesus and St Paul together offer several examples of this possibility in the New Testament. https://www.catholic.com/tract/assurance-of-salvation

        • orchidee

          Thanks Gary. I must admit I subscribe to 'Once saved, always saved', though that of course does not mean we do as we please, as in going on sinning, as we shall be 'saved anyway'. I can see if we turn away altogether we may lose our faith, lose any spark of it, etc.

          • Gary Edward Geraci

            Fair enough O. You know me well enough by now to know that I don’t let these differences in interpretations and understandings between our faith perspectives to cause a loss of sleep at night. It’s well enough that you and I will one day go before the very same Judge (and oh how loving, kind and merciful He really is Jesus tells us)!

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Thanks UNCLE STEVE : A very Powerful Piece today speaking of both the RESSURECTION and the RAPTURE !

            When HE shall come respleandent in HIS GLORY
            To take me HOME ~ what JOY shall then be mine
            Earths Martyred Saints and blood washed Overcomers
            On that Great Day to walk with HIM in WHITE ~ AMEN

            The SECOND COMING of The LORD JESUS CHRIST in the Rapture to Claim his BRIDE the CHURCH is both a Great Truth and a Great Event. Because it is anogther key juxtaposition betwen the SPIRITUAL & PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS. Just as it was at CREATION ~ The INCARNATION and the ATONEMENT (CRUCIFIXION) & RESSURECTION & ASCENTION of JESUS. You and I accept all these events as true and integral parts of the Unfolding Drama of Redemption which culminates in the Second Coming. Those who are BORN AGAIN by Faith in Christs Atonement and are filled with the Spirit have the capacity to UNDERSTAND these truths ~ To the UNBELIEVER they are just MYTHS. Thanks for sharing HOLY GROUND ~ AMEN

            Blessings & Joy for YOU & FIDO
            Love in the SPIRIT ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡 + 🧡

            • orchidee

              A fine 'sermon' there B&A! I'm sure Fido understands it to. 'Preach the gospel to every creature'. OK Fido, I will preach it to you; don't bark so loud to scare me, or heckle me, though!

            • Goldfinch60

              Good write Orchi.

              • orchidee

                Thanks Gold.

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