Fay Slimm






She never prevaricated about what
she had screeved,
she seemed unhaffled on being reft.


But she was no rumbustious piece.
of ignorant gowk.
She knew all about making a gyle
and could skitter the quaking top
of virago-fresh brew like a matron.


Firkin or pottle she bottled the lot,
cocked a snoop at her unwashed
whinnock then set out for a quiet
turn on the high rock-ridden carn.


The moortop felt queachy as Bess
stumbled along but dinna get riled
hummin' sea shantys all to herself.

Waverous this maid, skin-full and
somewhat unsteady had sampled
that slake all too well.

She byways roved 'til her smicket
got spottled.

A churlish young yokel spied that
girlie a-slocken
and yon stripling clod-hopped her
there on the heather then grassed,
one gormless lassie was weltered
when slathered.


Bess 'tho undone merrily trundled
her vagous way,
dosily dazed,
~ ~~
~~~~ ~~~
home again but well impregnated.

Haffled = Quibbled - - - Reft = Left destitiute
Gowk = Simpleton - - -- Skitter = Skim
Verago = Whirlpool - - - Queachy = Miry
Vagous = Erratic - - - - - Smicket = Smock


  • orchidee

    Ooh she's back. She's a lass, she gets around! lol.

  • Neville

    Kernow is calling..... no two ways about it absolutely brilliant


  • dusk arising

    Reminded me of our modified lyrics to that Tom Jones hit "down the lane i look and there runs Mary, knickers torn and looking weary, She's had her share of the green green grass of home"

    So i can picture bawdy Fay at the tavern delivering handfuls of mugged ale to overfull tables as she sings the tale of Gormless Bess to an appreciative buttock pinching crowd.

  • Michael Edwards

    Well she was some maid - such a great fun read dear Fay.

  • Poetic Dan

    I'll be honest was difficult for me but I do like a challenging read now and then.

    Always appreciated
    Much peace and respect

  • MendedFences27

    I'm at a loss for words. Most of what you said I had search for, but could not find, and yet I got the intent of your poem.A maid went wandering inebriated, and
    defenseless and ended up pregnant Yes? I loved the challenge, but I'm sure many read this straightforward without blinking an eye. Wasn't it Churchill who said something about us being separated by language. Thank you Fay for a most intriguing
    write. - Phil A.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good fun read Fay, a young maiden of yore, Orchi and I probably new her well.


    We blame it on the SCRUMPY
    Makes a CORNISH MAID all HUMPY !

    Thanks for this FAY : Angela here its 9am (Tuesday) and the last Day with my Parents who fly to Los Angeles (USA) tomorrow ! We are going into TOWN today and they are treating me to LUNCH ~ AMEN ! It has been wonderful having them here with me in AUCKLAND !
    This is a very cautionary : but alas oft repeated : Tale. Thanks for the GLOSSARY it does help to rationalise dialect POETRY which I love : especially recited. BRIAN always includes a Glossary when he posts a BURNS POEM ! When we spoke on SKYPE this morning He said he was going to post one tomorrow on TOOTHACHES with a Glossary and a Reading (not his own : but He does have a bit of Scots Blood : McLaren !) Love the poem ! Ive tried reading it our loud : I might try it at one of the Poetry Readings : There are Poeple from the West Country in Auckland ! Is that OK ? Love the PICTURE : Very Poignant & very Apt !

    Blessings & Peace & Love
    Yours ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • Fay Slimm

      Dear Angela - your comment is as ever filled with busy happenings as already the short time with your parents is passing - - you must have made such happy memories however during their stay and they know now how things are going for you as you continue your assignment in New Zealand -- no probs at all if you want to read my Gormless poem aloud though of course the glossary will be important for those not familiar with old Cornish dialect - - - it works as a fun poem but as you point out it is cautionary too - - so pleased you enjoyed the read. Wishing your parents a safe journey to Los Angeles. Big hugs to you both dear duo.......... xx from Fay

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