IN THE UK ~ More than a THOUSAND *lifts* a DAY

They misinterpret *Take Away* 

Cost to Retailers ? Very great I fear

Twelve billion GB pounds a year !

That amounts to sixteen billion dollars

Shops try to catch them by their collars !


I can reveal the things they STEAL

ALCOHOL is the biggest deal

Next is CHEESE (which they can freeze !)

Slips in your coat or bag with ease

Next comes MEAT (quite a treat !)

BEEF is best and stolen LAMB is very very SWEET !

SWEETS on display in an Open Trough

Easy to pinch a handful off !


Can*t understand the final swish

Not JARS of JAM but TINS of FISH ! ! !

JOHNNY CASH took it a bit too far

Bit by bit he stole a CAR ! 

SO if you wish RETAIL no ILL

Fill your TROLLY and pay your BILL ~ AMEN !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments please ~ Love  A & B ~ XXX


If we are honest ~ most of us would admit (either intentionally

or by accident ?) of walking out of a shop ~ without paying for

an item (or two !). Shopkeepers have to earn a CRUST so SHOPLIFTERS 

cause the price to rise for all of us ! I was once on a JURY where

A MAN was convicted of stealing *DISPOSABLE NAPPIES*  We

acquitted Him !  Had it been ALCOHOL it would have been a

different story so be careful what you steal !  Honest People 

in Developing Countries find it hard to believe that (in order

to feed their Families) People in UK are stealing CANS OF FISH 

~ but they are !  Alway Pay for YOUR GOODIES BEFORE YOU  

TAKE THEM  HOME ~ You know it makes sense !  Yours A & B  XXX


  • Suresh

    It doesn't matter what one steals, whether a Nappie or alcohol, a theft is a theft, for today a Nappie tomorrow a car.

    There was a time when people were basically honest, but it seems that now they are basically dishonest, because it appears that bad always get away while good have to pay, so now everybody feels - what good is honesty, honestly


      Thanks SURESH ~ I take your point but this Man was caring for His Family not His own selfish needs or greeds. We learned later it was His First offence. Had HE been convicted he would have had a criminal record which could have prevented Him getting a JOB. We thought on Balance it was better to acquit Him ~ OK

      Blessings & Peace
      Yours BRIAN & ANGELA

      • Suresh

        Necessity is a great provocateur

        My comment was generalization,

      • Michael Edwards

        Nice one A&B
        Never tried to lift a shop in my life:

        Shoplifting’s not my game
        So levy me no flak
        I cannot take the blame
        For I suffer with my back

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Yes indeed UNCLE MIKE lifting a SHOP (even a small mobile one !) can be very painful ! Thanks for your very droll comment !

          Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
          Yours ANGELA & BRIAN XOXOX

        • LAWLESS

          ‘Always Pay for what you purchase’ is really funny. I’m still laughing from Michael’s post yesterday!

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Thanks JL ~ pleased it gave you a smile ! ANGELA & I always try to PAY OUR WAY ~ which keeps us on the right side of of the LAW. In our JOBS a Custodial Sentence can result in JOB DIDMISSAL !

            Blessings & Peace ~ Yours B & A !

            • LAWLESS

              I guess you didn’t get the joke. How can you pay for something that you’re already paying for?

              Purchase: acquire by paying for it

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            • orchidee

              There's no one on the tills sometimes, e.g .small corner shop, one person working in it at times; or even larger shops. Not to give anyone tips on 'lifting' though!

            • orchidee

              Yes, I always pay for Fido's bones!

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                Thanks UNCLE STEVE ~ Small Shopkeepers treat everyone as HONEST ! In Essex poeple leave PRODUCE outside the GATE (Veggies etc) and an Honesty Jar ! Soem scallywags (good word) take the VEGGIES & THE MONEY ! Some peopletake their DOGS in corner shops to distract the SHOPKEEPER Of course you would never do that with Fido !

                Blessings & Joy ~ A & B XOXOX

                • orchidee

                  They wouldn't get past Fido if I had a shop - he would be a guard-dog! He can operate a till too. Is there no end of his talents?! heehee.

                • Fay Slimm

                  A most needed reminder that all stealing is simply dishonest and taking what does not belong to the thief. Well done for bringing out this growing but dangerous trend - - - thanks dear duo.

                  • ANGELA & BRIAN

                    Thanks FAY ~ We all pay for it in the END ~ The HONEST & the DISHONEST due to increased prices to cover the 12 Billion GB £'s stolen every Year. We all have to REMEMBER that GOD sees our misdeeds even if the Store Detective DOESN*T ! Thanks for your comment !

                    Blessings & Peace ~ ANGELA & BRIAN XXX

                  • FineB

                    Hello Angela and Brian.

                    A great write on a problem rhat will never go away.

                    How some people can live life on the edge like that and see shoplifting as a perfectly normal way of life?

                    Keep writing FineB

                    • ANGELA & BRIAN

                      OOPS FINEB ! WEve sent a comment instead of a REPLY ~ Please Chec k ~ Thanks A & B !

                    • ANGELA & BRIAN

                      Thanks FINEB ~ We were BOTH raised by our PARENTS to be honest in all our transactions and we are. The trouble is if a NEEDY (or a GRREDY) Person steals and gets away with it ~ it becomes addictive ~ like gambling ! Something for Nothing and there are TRADERS who rip OLD PEOPLE off with Roofing & Drives etc. And of course in the UK & USA etc there are THOUSANDS of PROFESSIONAL BURGLERS ~ they see it as a (legitimate) JOB. In our experience Honesty is always the best POLICY ~ AMEN !

                      Blessings & Peace ~ Yours A & B XXX

                    • Goldfinch60

                      The only thing that I steal is the time in my life to write poetry and listen or perform music, that is my time and the only person I am stealing from is me.

                      • ANGELA & BRIAN

                        OOPS UNCLE ANDY ~ Weve done it again ! Sent a comment instead of a reply ~ please check ~ Yours A & B X

                      • ANGELA & BRIAN

                        THANKS UNCLE ANDY ~ For a very apt & true Comment ! They tell me PROCRASTINATION is the thief of time ~ and in our experience it is very true ! Often *That which we put off til tomorrow* we never ever find time for (Like spending 15 months in New Zealand ~ BUT now I've done it ~ AMEN !). The collolary (which you infer) is also true. Just as PROCRASTINATION steals our time in a NEGATIVE way so making time for the things we enjoy (and need to keep on an even keel !) like Music & Art & Literature & Poetry and comuning with Nature etc etc is a POSITIVE stealing of TIME ~ AMEN. Thanks for sharing much food for thought in your PITHY COMMENT

                        Blessings & Peace & Love to YOU & JOYCE
                        Yours as always ANGELA & BRIAN XXXX
                        I seem to have lost my EMOJIS !

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