dusk arising

be able to enter


And there came forth a saviour to the land
who walked among men
and into their places of worship
where he learned of the worship
of a powerful and omnipotent god
according to the readings from THE book.
Whereapon he asked "do you believe"
and all around answered "Yes we are believers"
Then he led the thousands of believers
to a hurruicane damaged city where
he set them to work repairing their god's damage
"Worry ye not of your homes and valuables
whilst you are away from them. For I have
had them sold and the proceeds will feed
the famine struck and homeless so that ye
shall be able to enter the kingdom of heaven"
And the gathered thousands worshipped him
crying out "Thank you, for we KNEW NOT how
to sell our valuables and houses to feed and
clothe the needy....   we were only paying
lip service and being righteous and selfishly greedy.
We did not realise we should actually have to
DO what it takes to be a REAL christian,
we were LIARS to ourselves and all around us".

alternative title:-
"How to avoid the inconvenient eye of a needle". 


  • orchidee

    There's some element of truth in this, I think, applying to SOME people, some Christians even, but not to all.

    • dusk arising

      Being selective about which parts of the bible one follows is a very christrian approach it seems. Hypocrite is the word for when a person select the bits of a religion they want to follow and negate the rest of it .... but still call themselves a christian. Read the link and remain proud to be a christian in today's world.

      • orchidee

        The link won't open for me either, but I stand by what I said.

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      • Michael Edwards

        I share many of your views and agree there is much hypocrisy and double standards but we are all entitled to believe whatever we want to - as long our beliefs don't impact on others and as long as we don't try to impose them on others.

        • dusk arising

          I did have several alternative titles for this piece :- or "It's not just young children who flinch away from the needle" or "I'm afraid this needle may hurt you more than you ever imagined pilgrim".
          Yes hypocrisy is the word when people select the bits of a religion they want to follow and negate the rest of it .... but still call themselves christians.

        • Goldfinch60

          Agree completely!

          • dusk arising

            Thank you Goldfinch. I know you have taken a torturous spiritual journey to arrive where you are today.... very much appreciated comment on this almost taboo subject. Taboo for those who were indoctrinated with fear of the christian god as children and don't have the brains or balls to confront that indoctrination.

          • Suresh

            ....ditto to M.E's comments.

            • dusk arising

              Thank you Suresh.... may i ditto here my response to M.E.'s words.

            • Santita

              Powerful jab of reality!

              The link you provided was enlightening and equally terrifying. Religion is the biggest business on earth. People can worship as they wish, but need to open their eyes to what they are giving their money to. It's a destructive machine of famine, war, and atrocities.

              Thank you for an eye-opening read.

              • dusk arising

                Thank you for responding in an open minded manner Santita.

                Regularly reading gumff from people writing a christian message on here as if they were able to claim to be christian when they cant live the life a christian is supposed to live is for me too much hypocrisy to ignore.

                "Holier than thou" .. hardly! Who are they trying to convince.

                • Santita

                  themselves, naturally!

                • Neville

                  Thank the lord I am a Buddhist...

                  Oops , as you were Pyke...

                  • dusk arising

                    You're supposed to be on a deity diet of ...... oh no.... not those damn fishes again!

                    • Neville

                      I do eat a lot of bread.... actually I dont.. I would love to but I dont... fishes are far more up my street...

                    • PoeticBiscuit

                      I may not fully agree with the message but the write is well done nonetheless!

                    • Unsub


                      firstly I went straight to the link as I'd already read this poem via PM.

                      The article does not surprise me in the slightest & having done extensive research previously this just confirms everything I have researched.

                      Your poem here fits very well into my own thinking; I guess you know that already having been a regular reader & contributor to my work which sometimes covers this religious corruption.

                      Thoroughly enjoyed your piece & do note that the "Persistence is Key" herd have kept away as they simply can't discuss anything that might challenge their intelligence/madness/blindness.

                      I fully support this piece & wish more people would be brave enough to express their feelings in this regard rather than just telling me that God & Jesus are more important than their own families & the saviour of humankind!

                      They never seem to mention what a superbly crafted financial model religion truly is.

                      I should have bought shares in Religion years ago; I would be a very wealthy young man by now.



                      • dusk arising

                        Thank you for your support and i agree with your comments here. LOL @ 'wealthy young man'... i'd settle for young.

                        • Unsub


                          Well wealth will enable me to stop working & write more trashy poetry! Lol!


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