Saxon Crow

The Little Things

Why does a potato peeler 

Always stay so sharp?

It's a thought that keeps me up

I ponder on this throughout the night 

And then it leaves me tired for work

And who discovered the milk from cows?

And what was he doing at the time?!

I'll drink a pint of the creamy white stuff

Until this thought, then i'm not so fine.

And where does the left sock stealthily go?

Or maybe it is the right?

We all know they come in pairs 

Until one hops out of sight

And lets not get started on the hide and seek keys

The greatest game of all

Those little tricksters disappear

When you need them most of all

You see when it comes down to it

In this modern world we've made

There's some things you can't explain 

And it's meant to be that way

Because a little bit of mystery 

Is needed by one and all 

It helps us realise that actually

We are all a bunch of fools















  • dusk arising

    yes yes yes.... crafty fool that i am though i bought another potato peeler and guess what..... it made my other one look blunt. Dontcha just hate it when the whole basis of your previous conjecture goes west with the ubiquitous sock.....

    • Saxon Crow

      Noooooooooooooooooo..... youre a liar! A liar I say!!!

      • dusk arising

        ok ok so i found the sock.... who grassed me up?

      • Michael Edwards

        Made me think - my PP seems okay but is it really blunt? Might have to do what dusk has done and buy abother one to compare it - but then I am trying to avoid going out and mixing with people at the moment - I need to go to the dentist and get my haircut - better get these things done before us oldies are confined to barracks. Great write by the way.

        • Saxon Crow

          Mike don't do it! Life is precious. You will just have to NOT do what DA has done and trust me on this one!!! Thanks mate 🙂

        • Goldfinch60

          The other problem is when you put something in a 'safe place' never to be found again!
          Good one SC.


          • Saxon Crow

            Yes...... So be warned!

          • Poetic Dan

            Entertainment all the way, have a fantastic day!
            Thanks for the smile!

            • Saxon Crow

              Cheer Dan. You too my friend

            • orchidee

              Yes - and what are snooker tables doing in trees? That old joke from a few days ago now! lol.

              • Saxon Crow

                Trying to look like cherries?

              • Daydream Believer

                Enjoyable read and indeed reflection. I quite often lose a sock or two or three

                • Saxon Crow

                  3??? How many feet do you have DB?!!?!

                  • Daydream Believer

                    Rofl does suggest I have an odd amount. But I mean pairs. Haha or maybe I am a mutant 😉

                  • tundrol

                    Very funny. Somebody should do a whole poem on socks.

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