Michael Edwards




No cat for me
A faithful dog it has to be
A lovey-dovey friendly dachshund
Think I’ll call it Osamund.


No cat for me

A faithful dog it has to be

A lovely cuddly sausage dog

In preference to a slimy frog.


No cat for me

A faithful dog it has to be

A sausage dog long haired and blond

Conjured up by magic wand.


No cat for me

A faithful dog it has to be

A sausage dog, long hair that falls

and covers up his low slung balls.









  • dusk arising

    A waspish grin to start my day, thank you.

    no cat for me
    a faithful dog it has to be
    a frankfurter upon four willing legs
    and caster where his belly sags

  • Goldfinch60

    A grin from me as well Michael. I see one regularly at the coffee shop I go to regularly.
    No cats for me either - arrogant creatures.


    • Michael Edwards

      I'm fully with you on that Andy but others here will disagree.

    • orchidee

      Oh lol, good write and pic M.
      We have new-ish cats on the block, as well as existing ones. They make a fuss and visit for food from us!
      I'm sure I saw a tortoise-shell like dachshund recently - unusual. Used to call them dash hounds.
      Miss Berles got a dog?

      • Michael Edwards

        No but she does have a pomegranite.

      • L. B. Mek

        no cat for me,
        its my Husky 'Thor' that barks with glee,
        with judgemental eyes firmly squared on me,
        waiting for all that pent-up energy to by set free,
        I couldn't resist 😁,
        another one of your writes that helped start my day with a good chuckle

        • Michael Edwards

          Pleased you didn't - great comment - thanks LB.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          GOOD MORNING UNCLE MIKE ~ Brian Here ~ We know where you Live and Im sending the BIG CATZ round to make a meal of all your DOGGIES ! Dogs apart from being noisy - odourous - obtrusive & needing Walkies are so heterogenous ! Different breeds - shapes & sizes ! If you*ve had a LAB and then you get a SCOTTIE you have to learn a new language & and a new routine ! With CATS - One Size & Shape fits all. When you get a New CAT all the skills you learned with your Old CAT are transferable ! Smokey & I bonded in hours because Mum had always had CATS. Older Friends of ours (80+) have had over 20 cats in 60 years and each one has bonded (and taken over the House !) in hours ! For Angel & I SMOKEY changed our House into a Home in a DAY ~ A Dog would have wrecked it in a day ~ AMEN !

          Please check our FUSION on CITIES
          Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
          Love Angel - Brian & Smokey ! ! !

          • Michael Edwards

            Surely there can be NO comparison dogs serve man and cats - well and they need walks too unless you are one of those owners who let their cats wander all over the placeand cause trouble for others.

          • Neville

            Brill and again we aint talkin fish here neither ...

            I'm a puppy dog geeza mesen ..

            Hey .... is Glenit Bee any relation to Lerit Be by the Beatles by any chance 🙂
            ... Neville

            • Michael Edwards

              Did Lerit Bee go out with Reverend Bluejeans who Neil Diamond sings about?

              • Neville

                ................................................................................ 🙂

              • Fay Slimm.

                A doggie for me so I can take it for daily walkies............... great Glenit pic Michael and waiting for more.

                • Michael Edwards

                  But you can take cats for walks - but who would want to?
                  Glnit will be around for some time. Most of his cartoons are in strips of three or more frames (which aren't so easy to post here) but there are plenty of single frame ones.

                  Thanks Fay.

                • FineB

                  A good write Michael

                  I have always been a cat person but I must say I am slowly seeing the appeal of dogs.

                  Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times

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