Doggerel Dave

“Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho it’s Off to Work We Go…”

Conditions are unsafe at this workplace,

So discontented workers want to say     

The whole damn thing is a total disgrace.


Management hard men manage to debase,

Attempt to keep all resistance at bay.

Conditions are unsafe at this workplace.


Shareholders evade toil in any case

With resources, also the time to play.

The whole damn thing is a total disgrace.


No folks can forever keep up this pace,

Also need better pay come end of day.

Conditions are unsafe at this workplace.


They, wise to their exploitation, could trace

This back to Neoliberalism’s sway.

The whole damn thing was a total disgrace.


They organized to regulate the chase,

The union, a sound worksite, more pay.

Conditions were unsafe at this workplace,

The whole damn thing was a total disgrace.



  • Mark_2011

    I enjoyed this and like the villanelle form. It is a worry with people being exposed to dangers at work. That shouldn't be happening.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Cheers Mark. Not quite sure I like the villanelle myself: the form is very strict - but is seemed appropriate here (the repetition has a feel of protest chanting, marching).

    • Goldfinch60

      Many of those ho have the power do not care for the safety of those working for them as long as the profits are always increasing.


      • Doggerel Dave

        You got it - Thanks Andy. Glad it's appreciated as it took quite a lot of sweat to get that one together. How I arrived at Villanelle is a story. I like Dylan Thomas but fell out when I discovered 'Do not Go Gentle' - the sentiments. I realised he was projecting his grief onto his dying father, but these are the exact antithesis of my feelings which are 'I hope to go gentle, futile to rage' - a line in a much longer effort I intend to throw at MPS one day. But Villanelle came out of this as a form I could use just once.

      • Merissa

        I liked this and often this is the case. People in charge only care about money.

      • Doggerel Dave

        Thanks Merissa.I don't know how I missed your post here - although I've noticed that MPS does occasionally miss the notification.
        Pleased you liked it - I feel very strongly about this topic. The form was very difficult also. It's good to have it appreciated.

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