Just a second, or an hour......

Now look - how did you spend that extra second

That we had one year?!


A timeless amount, never to be wasted

In which to do so many things

Why, yes, I remember it well


I spent it in......

Taking 3,497 trips around the moon

Doing 5,436 marathons

Swimming the English Channel 2,643 times - and back again

Taking Fido for 6,547 walks

Doing enough shopping for 6 months

All these in one second!


But now - soon (in UK) an extra hour

A whole 3,600 seconds

Time enough to do all the above

3,600 times more!


Ohhh, I can't do all that, Orchi

I will spend the hour in bed sleeping!


Fido says - Orchi forgot that we lost an hour in March

And we're having it back now in October


But time almost infinite in Leap Year

An extra whole DAY!

It's all too much. heehee.



  • dusk arising

    Like so much of my time these days I spent it shielding. Sat in a clear perspex box enclosure in the corner of my living room next to a power socket just in case i become so melancholy that i need to disconnect my life support system.

    • orchidee

      Ahh, thanks dusk.

    • The Uneducated O.A.P

      Different sort of post today, and you have a talking dog.
      Thanks for the giggle

      • orchidee

        Thanks Bill. lol.

      • Michael Edwards

        So where does the extra hour come from?
        Is it kept in the syllable store courtesy of Miss Sylla Berles?

        • orchidee

          Thanks M. Yes, she takes it away in March - puts it in her syllable store - then gives it back to us in October.

          • Michael Edwards

            Isn't she wonderful!

          • Neville

            a change is as good as a rest isn't it ... I like it when you take a break from your hymn poems orchidee .. and I imagine there will be others who would second that ..... N :)

            • orchidee

              Thanks N. You mean you like it when I don't sing 'em?! heehee.

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              WOW UNCLE STEVE ~ You sure have surprised us today with Your choice of Video ! Neither Ancient nor Modern but *Outer Space & Time* I had to check it wasn*t one of our more *Avant Guarde Members* Loved the Poem very academic. After all your *shenanikins* We hope you dont forget to put the Hour Back an Hour and turn up for MATTINS an HOUR EARLY ~ AMEN ! Please check our latest FUSION *What are your Christmas Plans ?* If you wish ~ Please add a Poem ~ Thanks !

              Blessings & Joy to Your Time Travelling & Talking ~ Terrier !
              Spirit Love Angela - Brian & El Gato Ahumido 💛💛💛💛💛

              • orchidee

                Thanks B&A. Oh, I dunno much about Pop songs after about 1980. Well, this one maybe, from 1973 I read.
                Yep, we're gonna rave, gonna razzle at Mattins today (or whatever it's called). I will get chucked out as a heretic!

              • Goldfinch60

                Thank you Orchi for giving me TIME with one of my favourite groups ( bet that surprised you) I have all their albums and spend time listening to them as I am with this track from the album "Dark Side of the moon" which we have been to.


                • orchidee

                  Thanks Gold. Erm, it might be about the only Pink Floyd song I know. lol.

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