Sense Perception


Sense Perception


Forever a captive of my senses
Embroiling me with pain n pleasure
Unable to fathom their hold on me
Endlessly chasing rainbow treasure

I see the beauty in nature
It's strength as well as its frailty
I marvel with awe and splendor
Am a witness to its harsh brutality

I hear the sounds of the roaring falls
Orchestral music of birds n insects
Echoes bouncing of caves n valleys
Cacophony of preys in distress

Fragrance of flowers in bloom, I inhale
Whiff of soil stirred by first rain drops
The array of spices that fill my nostrils
The stench declaring life's mortality

I taste the sweet nectar of honey n such
Delicious flavors from around the world
All kind of essences that touch my buds
Warning inferred by bitterness as well

I feel the gentle breeze on a hot summer's night
The cool waves on the beach, lapping my feet
Love's kiss by a spouse, parents, friend or a child
And the heat of the scorching sun or a flaming fire

Knowing that the senses' perception
That I feel, taste, smell, hear or see
Is firmly attached to the temporal body
Can't hold me hostage, when the soul is free

  • Author: Suresh (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 5th, 2020 03:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: Being indifferent to the pleasures and pain of the sense objects, would surely free us from the sense perception.
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  • Goldfinch60

    That freedom is within us all Suresh, we can all be with it.


    • SureshG

      So true

    • Maxine Smith

      The only way to be free is to find freedoms within ourselves.

      A great thought provoking write, well done.

      • SureshG

        That’s the starting point, and the final destination

      • Neville

        exceedingly well articulated and consequently, having ticked all my boxes ... now awarded full marks with distinction ................................... Neville

        • Suresh

          You deserve them

        • RDS

          Great lyrical journey thanks Suresh,
          A good question too. Are we hostage or herald? Thanks.

          • SureshG

            Thanks for understanding

          • Michael Edwards

            Indeed a great write.

            • SureshG

              Thanks as always

            • Fay Slimm.

              First rate writing which puts the two sides of each sense so engagingly clear. Must have this one in my list of favourite reads Suresh.

              • SureshG

                In the Indian mythology (Gita), the paramount emphasis is that once we are free of desire, caused by sense perception, and in equanimity to the pain and pleasure, we free ourselves from all bondage to the material existence.
                Few, if any, achieve such Sankhya (analytical) Yog.
                Thank you for your comments

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                ANGELA HERE ~ Thanks SURESH = for caring & shaing about the SENSES ! It is our five Major Senses that enable us to interact with the visual & tangible World. I my JOB as a Physiotherapist & Masseuse each of my senses are essential. My clients all been through trauma and it shows in their faces and their voices. The sense of touch is very important in massage & mobility, Scent is also important in Aromatherapy and induces well being. Taste is also important in the diets we reccomend ! In our relationship - Brian & I hace been married 10 months and in bonding with our cat Smokey ! We say Vive the Senses !

                Blessings & Peace to You and Yours
                LoveAngsl\ Brian & Smokey ! ! !
                Please check our latest FUSION *Christmas Pr esents* Thnanks !

              • SureshG

                Thank you for sharing the importance of senses in your profession and how they help relieve the pain and suffering of your clients

              • Ternic73

                wonderful write

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