Ready For His Return

Tune: Helmsley

('Lo, He comes with clouds descending')

Luke 21 v.25-36 parts


Jesus, the time of His return

There things of it we can learn

Signs in the sun, and stars, and moon

Prepare for His coming soon

On earth nations distress

Perplexed, troubled, no less

The end nears, the seas road

Waves o'erflooding on the shore


People's hearts, they shall fail them, for

They look on these troubles sure

These things shall then come on the earth

As the pains of a new birth

Powers of heaven shaken

Son of man coming then

In a cloud with power

And great glory in that hour


When these things do start to take place

Believers, lift up your face

Not downcast, for your redemption

Draws near, full now, for each one

'Tis as fig tree budding

Signs are showing each thing

Of His return shortly

Kingdom of God near, whole, free


Taking heed to your selves, lest you

Overcharged with surfeits due

Or drunkenness, or in life's cares

Taken up in its affairs

So you may be caught out

Miss the time or it doubt

As a snare unto all

It shall come, pray you not fall


Tips on singing:

Lines 1 and 3 of each verse:

The 4th syllable of these lines seems a little longer.

The 5th syllable of these lines seems longer still.

Then 3 normal syllables (6, 7, and 8) to end these lines.


  • Maxine Smith

    Always a pleasure Mr Orchi.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Maxine. The clip is mainly women singing. Though there are men in the congregation too. Did they cut out the men on purpose from this hymn?! lol.

    • Goldfinch60

      Good one Orchi.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Gold.

      • Robert Haigh

        May your golden pen continue to flow! Good work, orchidee!

        • orchidee

          Thanks Robert.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          WHEN HE shall Come - Resplenent in His Glory
          To take US Home ~ what JOY shall then be Ours
          Earths Martyred Saints & Blood washed overcomers
          All on that @ Morn to walk with HIM in White !

          Angela Here ~ Good Sunday Uncle Steve ~ A big JUMP from the First Coming - AD O - to the Second Coming AMEN ! Thanks for sharing a Great Truth & Mystery of the Christian Church ~ Amen. Loved the Hymn ~The CONGREGATION looked like our local WI !

          Blessings & Joy to You & fab Fido ~
          Love in the Spirit A & B & El Gato !!!

          • orchidee

            Thanks A&B. Doh! WI. There are men in the clip. but it seemed to focus on the women in the clip.

          • Michael Edwards

            Keep writing Orchi. Have you lost Fido?

            • orchidee

              Thanks M. Woof! Fido still here. Sorting out them syllable 'tips'.

              • Michael Edwards

                Syllabe *ips - we're s*ill waiting for the delivery of Ts.

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